Thursday, 2 July 2009

Streaming Cold and Beans

I have woken up this morning with a streaming cold, why?

When the weather is so hot and sunny, why do you get a cold?
One of life's mysteries... or miseries....

Healthy eating still going well and I was inspired by a chat I had with one of the doctor's I work for. I have very recently discovered how delicious beans are. Not the usual baked beans, but an array of different beans that make up some delicious salads.

Anyway, she was saying that beans can help with menopause symptoms. Something to do with phyto-proteins. Her timing is fab, I am now on the lowest dose of HRT after being on it for 21 years. I am experiencing some symptoms I am not liking, so I am looking to find some relief from the beans;0)


Sean Anderson said...

Beans are good. I've been way too picky about the beans in my life. I need to incorporate more, more often! I'm happy for you that they are actually helping you get through this tough time in life. Blessings.


Fat[free]Me said...

I LOVE beans so will incorporate them more into my meals too - didn't know about their meno-busting qualities either!

How's the cold - are you sure it isn't flu?