Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Walking Didn't Happen

I didn't go walking this morning..

I had a really bad night, had a pneumonia jab in work yesterday and was advised my arm would hurt for two days. They didn't mention the nights!! It has been Very Painful, I cannot lift my arm above my waist without it hurting bad.

I couldn't lay on my right side because of my arm and couldn't lay on my left side because of my hip. So needless to say I didn't sleep well at all. Disturbed my poor husbands sleep too, he left me in bed feeling really sorry for myself.

I sound like a wimp and making excuses, and I hate sounding so. I am feeling very positive about everything and will get into a decent walking pattern in the next few days.

Today I heard about Stephen Fry and his 6 stone in 6 months weight loss and that has inspired me.
As well as inspirational friends who really are fabulous.They know who they are:) and they are lifting me and I WILL SUCCEED.


Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, gosh - I remember getting the flu jab in one arm and the pneumonic in the other one year and BOTH bleddy arms hurt, so I know what you mean. Hope you get to do the walk soon - did you intend to take Titch too?

Still can't get over Stephen's amazing weight loss - love the word corpulent he uses in all the interviews - hilarious!

Sean Anderson said...

That's not an excuse. That's a circumstance. A real circumstance. You're definitely not a wimp.
You're a surviving fighter!!! You know what is ahead for you and it is wonderful my friend!! Your 60's are going to be like most peoples early 40's.
You're on the way to an amazing place!! I'll see you there.

My best