Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Low Calorie Treats

When visiting my dear friend know to you as "Fat[free]Me" As well as inspiring me with delicious food and wonderful walks. She also showed me her collection of low calorie treats, that she keeps for when a sweet boost is required. All below 100 calories there were healthy snacks and bars.

Well when I can home, in fact before we left Scotland for home, my husband and I went to Tescos and stocked up on the same treats.

Now the magic of knowing you have these treats actually helps you not to eat them!!

Sounds daft I know, but it works, as long as I know those treats are there, I am not looking for goodies to eat. It is working so well, that most of the "Goodies" in the photo below are from that original shopping trip and that was over a month ago!!

It works for me, I am not snacking at all this week and it is not causing any pain at all.


Fat[free]Me said...

LOL, I recognise those on the bottom right (yum), but what are those red ones on the bottom left? Obviously something I haven't tried!

I know, just having them "just in case" often does the trick and I eat something else instead. This has been a big turnaround for me, because in previous dieting attempts, it was a case of if it was in the house, I had to eat it.

I also have little 10g packs that I made up myself of cashew nuts/walnuts/pistachios, all under 100 cals and tend to turn to them a lot these days too.

You are doing so well - enjoy your day out today!

F. McButter Pants said...

Yummy goodies! That's a great idea.

I am more if it's there I will eat the treats. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but they will go down my throat!

I love your 60x60 list.

Sean Anderson said...

Very good idea. My daughter practiced this same rule in her dorm room at school. when she came home for the summer she brought a bunch with her that she "never consumed, and I don't know if they're still good dad!" It's a pshycological thing isn't it? If it's there, we don't want it. We want what we can't have. I think that's why it's so important to make anything "allowed." It's not about the food--it's the portion size and calorie value--for me at least.

Very good idea...I'm making one for our house right away!!

My best

Tammy said...

Fantastic idea...I'm one of those that likes to keep stuff around so I know it's there, and then I tend not to eat it near as quickly. It's when the fridge and cupboards are nearly bare that I start crawling the walls wanting to eat everything!