Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Walking The Walk

I am really trying hard with my walking now, I feel great when I am doing it. It is just getting out that is the problem. I just need the motivation, it is getting better, but could be so much better.

Getting up with my husband in the morning 5:00am, going to get him to drop me off 3 miles away and will walk back. He leaves home at 5:30 am I hope to be back home by 6:30am.

So guess where I am going now? Night night xxx


Sean Anderson said...

Very nice! Sometimes it is hard to get out the door. But once you're out and you think about what a vitally important part this is to your journey, then it gets good. Then it starts feeling wonderful.

I love the idea of getting dropped off three miles from home and having no choice but to finish the 5K to get back home. Wonderful idea!!

My best always

Sean Anderson said...

I hit post on my comment and the computer freaked out...

What i was saying was... It is hard to get out the door sometimes, but once you're out there and you realize how vitally important it is to your journey...it gets good. Then it starts to feel great.

I love the idea of getting dropped off and having to walk back home...
Very cool

My best

Fat[free]Me said...

What a brilliant idea! Mind you, that is an early start, lol.

Soon the walking becomes such a part of you that you don't feel happy until you have done it.

Well done on a great committment!