Sunday, 19 July 2009

Stay In Sunday

We had a Stay-in-Sunday today, mainly because of the weather.

I'm sorry I posted my picture's in reverse order for reading:0( Still getting the hang of this blogging lark.

We have had a sort out day, we brought 6 more boxes from self storage yesterday and I spent this morning sorting them, more craft stuff. I need to donate a ton of it to Brownies and Rainbows.

We watch "Marley and Me" this afternoon, oh did I sob, what a film. It should come with a giant box of tissues. It so reminded of Henry our family dog who passed way 10 years ago. He wrecked the house, flooded us out at one point but what a wonderful dog. So with the passing of Cally on Thursday and the memories of Henry, Marley got me good style.

We have eaten really healthy this weekend, the curry last night was deliciously low calorie and we had quorn mince fajitas this afternoon with salad and sweetcorn.

From Thursday my darling husband is on holiday and I am from Friday.

We have no plans apart from having some fun at:
Window View
the Shoe Box
Our Gate

Going to dig out some walks in Cheshire and have a go at them, if the weather is kind to us.
But starting tomorrow morning, I am stepping up my walking with Titch, again weather permitting, but even if it is raining I will go on my own. Got to build up so I am not holding Ralph back, he doesn't say anything but I know I do.

Well another week begins in a few hours so I'm away to my bed.

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Fat[free]Me said...

LOL, I thought it was just me reading totally in the wrong order!

Glad you enjoyed the movie - it was a great book, but I knew how it would end, so I was prepared.

Sounds like a great day yesterday - enjoy walking with Titch and working on your speed. Keeping up with L on walks was a major incentive for me too. It will happen!

Enjoy your holiday at Casa del Blanca next week, lol!