Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Yesterday I had a bad day in work.

We have a theory in work about a local chemical complex.
We think every so often they pump out Nasty Gas.
Yesterday was on of those day.
I was on the main desk yesterday afternoon and there
were so many patients who were just downright rude,
bad mannered and obnoxious.

My workmates commented that they were glad they
were not on the main desk...

95% of the time I love my job, yesterday afternoon
was part of the 5% when retirement looks very attractive:0)

Usually on days like that, I would come home and binge.
Yesterday I didn't,unfortunately I came home and took
it out on my poor husband. He didn't deserve how I spoke to him.
He is 100% supportive of me in everything I do and I was downright nasty.
Maybe I breathed in the Nasty Gas too!!

So I would like to apologise to him here,
I did apologise last night almost immediately.
He accepted in his gracious and quiet way and
then cooked me a delicious low cal/hi fibre meal.
I love him so very much.

I had a rest day from exercise and just relaxed last night.

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Fat[free]Me said...

Aw, yep, blame the Nasty Gas! I am sure he forgives you 100%, gem that he is, especially with a loc cal/hi fibre meal in hand!