Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday Already...

Where has that week gone.

I have really enjoyed my week with Ralph, it just went far too fast.
We had another lovely day, the weather was a bit miserable and overcast but we had a good time all the same.

Caernarfon was our destination today, North Wales. It is a royal town, Prince Charles received the title of Prince of Wales from his mother at the castle in 1969. Flippin heck that was forty years ago, that is so scary!!!

Unfortunately the sun didn't shine today as it did then so Ralph was disappointed with the town. I have been before and I know it can look totally different in the sunshine, but never mind.

I treated him to fish and chips as a consolation, he does enjoy them by the sea.
Here are a few pic's of the day.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Calorie Counting

After answering some light hearted questions on spunkysuzi's blog. One of the questions and the answers got me thinking.

The question was: Do you count calories?
My answer was yes.

I have tried all the diets going throughout my adult life: Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, Slimmer UK.
I have friends who have lost many stones with WW. I lost 14lb.
My sister lost six and half stone with Slimming World. I lost 10lb.
I tried with Rosemary Conley, but put my back out and was unable to do the exercise. I lost 9lb.

The one slimming club that worked for me was Slimmers UK. I lost six stone with them and even went on to be an advisor with three classes of my own.
Calorie counting was at the heart of their philosophy and that has stuck with me.

I have since put that six stone back on, it has taken twelve years. I know that precisely because my grandson Olivier is twelve tomorrow. The day after he was born, I was a passenger in a car crash and injured my back. I was out of action for several months and I lost my classes and started putting the weight back on.

In that twelve years my weight has fluctuated from highs to lows. My life was a roller coaster in many ways, emotionally, mentally, physically. I could write a book, but then again couldn't we all.

Counting calories works for me.
When I started my 60 x 60 journey I started with 1650 calories dropping down to 1600, which is what I am on now. I am of a mind to drop to 1550 depending on my weigh-in on Saturday.
If I have lost weight (I better had have!!) I will stay on 1600. Dropping calories is not something I like to do to soon, because when I reach a plateau there is nowhere to go. I don't agree will 1000 or less allowances. What I have been looking at is "empty calories" and have learnt to avoid these.
This week I have been using my calories count 100% and if I haven't had a decent weight loss on Saturday I will be very disappointed. As I have stepped up my exercise twicefold and I think this is what I need to be looking at now. Exercise is what moves the weight and I think the older you get the more important exercise is. I feel much better in myself for all the walking we have done this week, physically and mentally. My back is great at the moment (fingers crossed)
Healthy eating continued today and I am feeling good. It is 11:23pm and I am wide awake... I must be doing something right...LoL

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Guess What, it's Raining!!!

This morning we went out early, while it was dry.
We went into Chester one of my favourite cities in Britain.
I took a few photo's to share.
Chester was a Roman settlement and has been important in Cheshire's history throughout the ages. The Tudor facades are famous the world over. The cathedral is very imposing and well worth a visit. Watergate Street, with the Clock Tower is the main street in the city centre.
Healthy eating continues, we didn't eat out so I could be good. We are having a day out on Friday either to North Wales or to Chester Zoo, I will be having a meal out then....I am on my holidays after all.

Low Calorie Treats

When visiting my dear friend know to you as "Fat[free]Me" As well as inspiring me with delicious food and wonderful walks. She also showed me her collection of low calorie treats, that she keeps for when a sweet boost is required. All below 100 calories there were healthy snacks and bars.

Well when I can home, in fact before we left Scotland for home, my husband and I went to Tescos and stocked up on the same treats.

Now the magic of knowing you have these treats actually helps you not to eat them!!

Sounds daft I know, but it works, as long as I know those treats are there, I am not looking for goodies to eat. It is working so well, that most of the "Goodies" in the photo below are from that original shopping trip and that was over a month ago!!

It works for me, I am not snacking at all this week and it is not causing any pain at all.

This Week's Food

I have been taking photo's of everything I am eating this week while on holiday. I was going to post the full batch at the end of the week. But reading TheMailOnline this morning . A young woman has taken photo's of everything she has eaten for a whole month. She wanted to become more aware of what she was eating and felt that taking the pictures would help. She lost weight doing so. She didn't have a lot to lose but it helped.

So I am publishing my photo's today, to say, I am not jumping on the bandwagon:)
I was already on a mission this week.
But maybe it is another tool in the weight loss battle.
I keep a food/calorie note book but now I think I will continue with the pictures after this week and see how I get on.

So below is a selection of what I have been eating this week.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wet Wet Wet

What a day, it hasn't stopped raining all day.

We did a bit of sorting this morning, trying to make more space in our shoebox of a home.

As the day went on the rain got heavier, I got bored and went to bed. Slept for a couple of hours, was delicious. Feels good having a nap in the afternoon now and again.

When I got up it was still raining, so we decided if we didn't go for a walk now we never will. So we went out at 6pm got back at 7:30pm and boy was it wet!!!! I need to get some waterproof walking gear.

We did 5 miles in the rain and I enjoyed every step.
This is Titch and me at the end of our walk, I have never liked having my photo taken, but I am wanting to keep a record of my journey with images as well as words. So here is another one for the collection.
Healthy eating is well on track, I have realised tonight, I have had nothing to eat in between meals today. Even though part of the day I was bored.
I am very proud of me tonight:0)

Monday, 27 July 2009

More Beatles

Beatles For Sean

Sean Anderson made a comment on my blog about Liverpool and the Beatles so these photo's are for him. Hope you like Sean:)

In My Liverpool Home.

We went to Liverpool today and it was brilliant. When we left Runcorn it was raining, so we thought it would be the same in Liverpool but it wasn't. It was overcast in the morning but the sun came out later and Liverpool looked wonderful.
I do love Liverpool and I still get quite emotional as I drive in. I left 33 years ago but it is still home to me. I took some photo's, here are just a few.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

My Borders Purchase

This was my bargain at Borders yesterday. £2:88, original price £14:99.

Diana Moran was the original fitness guru on BBC Breakfast in the 70's.

She was know as The Green Goddess and had a great following. I was not a follower, I was too busy raising four children to have time to watch tv in the mornings.

She looks just amazing now, she has had a run in with breast cancer and other health scares. But continues to look radiant. She is now in her 70th year!!!

This book is fabulous, lots of advice for the "mature woman". Health, exercise, beauty, recipes, memory checks and a lot more. Even my husband thinks it is a great book. He likes a lot of the recipes and vitamin supplements advice.

So I have become a fan thirty years later. I will never look anything like her but I think some of her advice will make life far more healthier for me than it has been in the past.

Sopping Wet Sunday

Well the weather did a turn for the worse today, rained constantly.

This morning we went to visit my youngest daughter in the midst of all the packing for their holiday, camping in South Wales from tomorrow. I hope the weather picks up for them.

Then we came home and pottered about for a while. I wanted to go for a walk but the rain was still pouring. So I did something I haven't done in a long time. I went to bed for a nap.... I have decided to start listening to what my body wants. Today it needed some sleep, as I am not sleeping too good at night. My hands are so painful that they wake me at least three times a night. So I went to bed with a book, fell asleep and two hours later woke feeling great.

We had pizza for tea tonight, it was delicious, I took a picture....390 calories with the salad:)
After tea I was getting frustrated about not going for a walk, so I took a big step for Sheilagh. Rain is no longer an excuse for not going walking. We went out and had a great walk for an hour:) 7,620 steps. I am feeling very positive at the moment and really want this feeling to last. I have heard and read about people getting twitched when they don't exercise, maybe I am getting there..LoL.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Walking into a Run!!!!

We went out walking rather later than usual as my daughter and two gorgeous girlies came to visit.

I was enjoying the walk so much, I wondered if I could manage to run a few steps.....
I ran the length of a football pitch, not once but twice!!!!

Whooooo Woooooooooooooo I am really pleased with Me!!!

Starbucks Treat

We went window shopping today, looking for a sofa bed. We went to a favourite retail park at Speke on the outskirts of Liverpool. We had a lovely afternoon. We had our usual stop at Borders, heaven to book addicts such as myself.

We went upstairs to Starbucks, I have deliberately avoided the place since starting my 60 x 60 regime. But we are on holiday and my husband loves their Caramel Frappachino so I treated him:0)

Now usually when we are there, I have a grande deluxe hot chocolate with swirls of cream on the top and we have two cakes between us. Today because he is supporting me 120% in this healthy eating/activity week,we shared one of everything.

A steak pannini
A Skinny Raspberry and Peach Muffin
A Frappachino, which I won't be having again because it gave me such an ice headache...
The calorie value of which was 484.
It was a treat, we enjoyed it and I am not fretting about it. The rest of the day was calorie heaven and fabulously tasty.

Sunny Saturday

The sun has come out and I hope he stays around for the next six weeks, while the kids are on school holidays.

I lost another pound, was hoping for two but never mind.
This means I am a quarter of the way to my target so that is a milestone passed.
I have 237 days left to lose 45lb's.

I have lost inches again :0)

One from my bust
One and half from my midriff
One from my hips.

So I am quite a happy bunny.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Changes In The Air

I have changed the name of my blog.
I think it might have given the wrong impression about me.
I am sassy;0) I can be sexy but that's between me and my man.
I do want to be slim at sixty.

So Sixty by Sixty is the new me:)

I am now on holiday until August 3rd and I am so looking forward to spending time with my darling. We are planning to have a healthy, active, fun filled week. Depending on the weather we will have some days out, Liverpool one day, Cearnarvon another day. Lots of walks, have been told about a Railway walk here in Cheshire to going to look it up.

So fingers crossed for the weather improving.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quiet Night In

We have had a quiet night in, I just wanted to curl up and sleep when I got home from work.
Work was awful today, Swine Flu is building up and we are being hammered. There are a lot of people not taking any notice of the publicity the government and the NHS are putting out. We in reception are the front line and it is becoming quite stressed. Roll on tomorrow at 4:30.

I have started my list of "Sixty Things to do Before Sixty", it is all quite random at the moment and I have got 30 on the list so far. Most of them are quite mundane. Tomorrow I will update the list with the fantasy/dreams in the list.

I am sat here on the sofa with my laptop, my dog is doing her best to get onto my lap..LoL
She goes between myself and DH to see who will give in first, it's always me!!

Healthy eating is top notch today, no walking though.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Courage doesn't always roar
Sometimes courage is a quiet voice
at the end of the day
" I will try again tomorrow"
Mary Anne Radmacher

Big Walk

My darling husband finished work early and was home when I finished work. I love it when he is home.
After tea, we went out for a walk and discussed what we want to do with our weeks holiday. I have suggested an "Eight Day Healthy Activity Plan" he has agreed so I now need to work the plan out...

Watch this space....

Emotional Me and Her

I don't know what it is, but I am very emotional at the moment and I am crying for no reason at all. I had a long chat with my bestest ever friend last night, between us we tried to work out why. From the weather to hormones, to change of diet to family dynamics. Or it could be I am just missing her so much..

She live two hours away and had a very busy life, caring for a brain-injured husband, holding down a very demanding job. We usually set our dates at the beginning of the year, interspersing days out with long weekends. But due to her work load this year we have had to cancel two dates and we are both feeling it.

She confessed to have been very emotion this past month, we compared what we have been doing these passed three months. Both of us have been stressed out at work, both of us are having problems with one family member , both of us have lost a stone in weight. Both of us are trying to get more exercise but not being successful. Both of us have lost a pet, me through death, Trish through one dog leaving home to stay with her son.

We are seperate together, our lives are similar but very different. We each need the other for balance in our lives. We seem to be a catalyst in each others life.

So we are both looking forward to a weekend together in three weeks time and maybe we can sort out the tears in amongst the laughter, chatter and fun.

Trish is my soul mate in the true sense of the word, she tends my soul with her wise words. She is the other half of me.

Ralph my husband is one fabulous half and Trish the other. Their love and support means the world to me. Tears flowing as I write.

Healthy eating still on track, walking is rubbish with the weather, yes I could walk in the rain but where I go with Titch is a mud bath at the moment and I ain't got any waterproofs. Going looking for some when on holiday next week.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Monday Monday..

I had a good day, I ate healthily, didn't do the walking I had planned. But I am not fretting, because I was invited to my granddaughters summer production(American theme's coming in now) Pinocchio. Their daddy had to work to work:( so grandma got his ticket:) It was a lovely night and a pleasure to watch every child in the school giving their all. Pity the audience didn't.......

I have notice over time attending school shows and plays that the audience do not interact. People are so used to being entertained by the the tv where reaction is not needed. The audience last night had to be prompted to applaud, I found it very sad. The children tried so hard to get the audience to participate, by clapping or singing along. I tried but no one followed. It is so sad.

But the worse was yet to come, after the finale they children march off the stage to one of the songs from the show and this is the audience chance to stand and clap them off. What did this audience do? Well not all , but more than half, began to walk out while the children were on stage!!! I was disappointed and disgusted by this behaviour. What message is this sending to theses kids? You can try your hardest but we don't really care? My daughter was so embarrassed when I went into a rant when we left the school, she has not seen that sort of behaviour before and was at a loss as to what to say. I think something needs to be said.

Sorry to rant here but I need to let it go somewhere..

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Stay In Sunday

We had a Stay-in-Sunday today, mainly because of the weather.

I'm sorry I posted my picture's in reverse order for reading:0( Still getting the hang of this blogging lark.

We have had a sort out day, we brought 6 more boxes from self storage yesterday and I spent this morning sorting them, more craft stuff. I need to donate a ton of it to Brownies and Rainbows.

We watch "Marley and Me" this afternoon, oh did I sob, what a film. It should come with a giant box of tissues. It so reminded of Henry our family dog who passed way 10 years ago. He wrecked the house, flooded us out at one point but what a wonderful dog. So with the passing of Cally on Thursday and the memories of Henry, Marley got me good style.

We have eaten really healthy this weekend, the curry last night was deliciously low calorie and we had quorn mince fajitas this afternoon with salad and sweetcorn.

From Thursday my darling husband is on holiday and I am from Friday.

We have no plans apart from having some fun at:
Window View
the Shoe Box
Our Gate

Going to dig out some walks in Cheshire and have a go at them, if the weather is kind to us.
But starting tomorrow morning, I am stepping up my walking with Titch, again weather permitting, but even if it is raining I will go on my own. Got to build up so I am not holding Ralph back, he doesn't say anything but I know I do.

Well another week begins in a few hours so I'm away to my bed.

Dexter and Logan

These are the two Westies we met in the forest, aren't they cute. Dexter is five and Logan is three. They were adorable, but in need of a bath after all the mud in the forest.

Delamere Forest Walk

This is me at the end of the walk, I don't look too worn out do I?
I must admit I enjoyed every step. Even when I was gasping for breath.

Delamere Forest Walk

This is me at the beginning of our walk, seeing this photo has convinced me my beloved sweatshirt has got to go. When I bought it in Boston five years ago it was a tight fit.

Oh what a Night

We had a superb evening, the curry was "to-die-for".. and calorie counted.
The wine was delicious, the dessert was AMAZING ;0)

We watched two dvd's: "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith, has that man ever made a bad movie? It was great, then we watched "Slumdog Millionaire" at first I couldn't see what all the fuss was about and why all the Oscars, but by the end of the film I was buzzing, what a superb movie and the music was super. We didn't get to bed till gone midnight which is most unusual for us. We both agreed it had been one of our best days. A simple day with simple pleasures, just the two of us and Titch of course. I am so happy.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

WooHoo What A Day.....

What a Day... The weight is finally starting to come off.

TWO POUNDS lost this week, it's been along time coming...

So that is my first stone lost. The fact it has taking over three months to do is galling, but I am finally getting there. This new way of eating is paying dividends now.

What a Day... I met my ex husband in Asda(Walmart) this morning and he said I look great!!!

We had a chat about Cally and other family stuff, it was really very nice, it is good to be on friendly terms with him.

What a Day... We went for a hike around Delemere Forest and it was great.

The weather forecast was for sunshine and showers but we just got sunshine. I really enjoyed it, despite my beloved pushing me to try harder, climb higher, move quicker. He has my best interests at heart and I didn't get cross with him, I have done in the past.

We met a couple from Liverpool and they had a couple of Westies: Logan and Dexter they were Gorgeous!! I took their photo and will post it later.

So far today has been Brilliant and it is going to carry on being so.
We have been to Blockbuster's and hired "Slumdog Millionaire"
and "Marley" the tissues are at the ready. I will do some low cal popcorn.
Can't believe I walked past their toffee popcorn without a twinge of regret.

We are having chicken curry with naan bread and rice for tea and I am going to enjoy every morsel. Even having a glass of wine too;0)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday Again!!!

Where on earth is the time going? No sooner does the week start than it finishes??
I had some sad news yesterday, my son came to see me in work. That in it's self is unusual, he never comes to my work, so I knew there was a problem. He came to let me know the Cally our family dog had died yesterday morning. She was only nine and always been a healthy dog. She just collapsed in the garden and was gone...

David, my son, couldn't remember how old she was. He was surprised I was able to tell him without thinking that she was nine. I don't know how but I can always remember dates and ages of people, pets and places. Remembering when we got Cally made me realise how fast time is passing. We got her from the RSPCA in February 2009. I thought getting a dog would help my then husband to get out of the depression he was suffering. He was in denial of any problems and I was doing my best, stuggling to cope with the situation.

Cally was a lovely distraction, a cute little pup, who could romp up the stairs, but couldn't fathom out how to get back down. She grew into a lovely crossbreed dog. An affectionate, adorable, funny member of the family. Our grandchildren could do anything with her and she adored them.

We have elderly dogs in our family, Banjo a westie belonging to my eldest daughter, is fifteen. Ella a collie belonging to my youngest daughter is fourteen. I expected them to go well before Cally.

It brings it home that we never know when when our time on earth will end. We should never assume we are here for four score years and ten. We see examples every day of lives cut short, the young soldiers being brought home in coffins from Afghanistan, the six year old who died with swine flu this week. But we see it and it is sad but removed from us. It is when death touches us personally it sparks thoughts of our own mortality.

You could say "But this is just a dog" yes she was just a dog, she was our dog, and she was in her prime of life but she died.

Time is flying, time is not on our side, time is running out, how many times do we hear or say these words. Cally has made me stop and think. I have got to stop procrastinating, I must get my lists done and ready to tick off. I started a list of sixty things to do before I am sixty. It is languishing in a notebook somewhere. I need to get it out and complete it and act upon it. Not just until I am sixty but for the rest of my life.

God Bless You Cally, you brought love laughter and joy with you. You taught me a valuable lesson yesterday. Hope you are playing with Henry.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Quiet Around Here

Nothing much to report today.

Healthy eating continues to be a pleasure.
Never, ever in my life did I think that I would be
eating bowls of beans and saying they were delicious.
But they are:0)

I am so enjoying preparing and eating salads. I love the
summer months and the abundance of fresh vegetables, salads and fruits.

My eating habits are changing out of all recognition and it is great.
I am hardly eating meat at all now. I am enjoying fresh fish as it should be,
not battered from the chippy. Though I still enjoy sharing a portion of fish and chips
with my husband as an occasional treat.
Sat down by the river on a summer evening, nothing like it...
The seagulls get most of the chips!!

I am being gentle with myself as far as exercise is concerned, walking most evenings
and dancing round the house doing housework with Tina Turner blasting out.
The Nordic Walker has been put away for the time being as I find
it is the cause of my back flare ups. When I feel up to it I will do more
Pilates and see how that goes.

For the moment I am happy with my lot, food and exercise wise. I had a "Lightbulb Moment" and realised this body of mine is a little older than a certain friend of mine. I cannot expect to be even one quarter as active has her after many years of inactivity. So I will carry on being inspired but slowly..LOL

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Yesterday I had a bad day in work.

We have a theory in work about a local chemical complex.
We think every so often they pump out Nasty Gas.
Yesterday was on of those day.
I was on the main desk yesterday afternoon and there
were so many patients who were just downright rude,
bad mannered and obnoxious.

My workmates commented that they were glad they
were not on the main desk...

95% of the time I love my job, yesterday afternoon
was part of the 5% when retirement looks very attractive:0)

Usually on days like that, I would come home and binge.
Yesterday I didn't,unfortunately I came home and took
it out on my poor husband. He didn't deserve how I spoke to him.
He is 100% supportive of me in everything I do and I was downright nasty.
Maybe I breathed in the Nasty Gas too!!

So I would like to apologise to him here,
I did apologise last night almost immediately.
He accepted in his gracious and quiet way and
then cooked me a delicious low cal/hi fibre meal.
I love him so very much.

I had a rest day from exercise and just relaxed last night.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Monday thoughts

Monday was a good day, eating and exercise wise.

Emotionally it was rather different, I wanted to hug my daughter, tell her how brave and wonderful she is. But I couldn't, all I could do was send text and Facebook messages. It's not nearly as good as touching her and holding her in my arms.

She is not ill or anything like that, thank God, but she had to do something last night that took a brave heart, a steady hand and a strength of emotion I know I would not have.

You see, she is an embalmer, she deals with the last details of the mortal body before the final ceremonies of life. She loves her job and finds it an honour to perform these duties.

Last night she had the honour of preparing the child of a dear friend for her final journey. She was asked when they knew the little girl did not have any more chances. So my daughter thought she had time to prepare herself, but then the time came and all the mental and emotional preparation did not matter. She thought of the child's parents and family and went and did her best for them.

I wanted to hold my daughter and tell her what a wonderful woman she is and how proud I am of her. But I have not seen my daughter for nine months, one week and four days. She lives less than half a mile away and it breaks my heart every day.

She is not speaking to me because my darling husband and I eloped to Gretna to get wed. She is hurt because I didn't tell her what we we doing. We didn't tell anyone what we were doing, but I understand her hurt, we did have a special relationship and I miss that so much.

I do not regret how we got married, I do not regret treating everyone the same but I so regret not having my darling daughters friendship. I know she still loves me, hopefully I will get to hug her again. My heart would stop right now if I thought otherwise.

Monday, 13 July 2009

New Week, Fresh Start.

Well my weekend off was FaBuLouS, I had a the greatest time.

A lovely Saturday with my Gorgeous Girlie's.

A Super Sunday with my darling husband and Titch.

We had a great walk down by the River Mersey on a

beautiful sunny breezy day.

I know I gave myself the weekend off food wise, but looking back

on what we ate, it was quite healthy. So with the walk yesterday

and the overall eating, I decided to step on the scales this morning.

This is an (unofficial) weigh in..LoL I lost 1lb.

So I am back on track today.

Stepping up the exercise.

Stepping up the attitude.

Enjoying my food.

After reading Sean's blog entry about

300 days and 189lbs lost

(The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser)

I am inspired.

Today is 250 days to my birthday.

Surely I can loss my 60lbs in that time?

Watch this Space!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Super Saturday

I have had a great day today.

It didn't start off so good, I got weighed and for the third week running I have not lost weight.
After throwing the scales against the wall (Joking) I had a chat with my darling and felt better about it, he says he can see the difference the inches I have lost have made:) He also pointed out I have not been feeling too good this week and have probably not eaten enough. So after giving him a huge hug and big kisses I decided that today I was going to eat what I felt like and just relax about food.

We have spent the day with three delightful little girls, Jaz ,Jess and Emily, my gorgeous granddaughters. My youngest daughter is poorly with a bad ear infection so we took her two girls off her hands and Jazmine one of my other grandchildren came along too.
We had a great time, at the park, at the RSPCA looking at some gorgeous dogs who so need good homes. Then we went to Pizza Hut, Emily age 5 chose Pizza Hut, the other two and DH wanted McDee's but Emily won.

I was very good, had a scrumptious salad and a small Margarita pizza. I resisted a dessert until Emily couldn't finish her ice cream... We had a great time in there, the girls were so good and so chatty, I didn't want it to end.

We then went to do some food shopping in Sainsburys, lots of health stuff again, salads and fruit.
Again the girls were great, no "I'm bored's" or anything like that. When we got back home, they all took Titch for a walk and I had a power nap!!

Then it was play time on the Wii and toasties for tea, yes I had one and it was delicious.
We took the girls home at 8pm, then went to Asda for some Twister lollies 40 calories each...Fabulous. Will be going back for more while they are on offer:)

So here I am 11pm Saturday night with my cup of tea, relaxing and feeling very happy.

The 60 x 60 campaign will begin again in earnest on Monday. This weekend I am chillin;)

Friday, 10 July 2009

Friday Evening Again....

I am feeling much better today and I think it was the vaccine that had me feeling so low.

The weeks are passing so quickly it is quite scary.

I promised myself I would not count down the weeks to my Sixtieth but 35 weeks tonight will be the eve of my birthday!!

I had better get a move on with the weight loss it is happening too slowly for my liking. I do not wish to be struggling in the weeks before to get to target. I would prefer to get there around Christmas which is 22 weeks today:0) (Thought I might just share that little gem)

Sixty before Sixty was and is my plan, so far I have lost twelve and a half pounds. So so slow...

I have done hardly any exercise this week so that needs stepping up good style. I need a fitness trainer or a walking buddy. That is my mission for next week, to persuade someone to come walking with me every night. Watch this space.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sluggish Day

Not been a good day today.

Eating has not been a problem, in fact it has been spot on.
Not sure what the problem is, the effects of the pneumovax?
The pressure in work? The change in the weather?

I honestly don't know.
I just know my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone...

I feel very tired, I have not slept for two nights.
My motivation is nearly on the floor,
but it will rise again, I am not, I repeat, NOT giving in.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Walking Didn't Happen

I didn't go walking this morning..

I had a really bad night, had a pneumonia jab in work yesterday and was advised my arm would hurt for two days. They didn't mention the nights!! It has been Very Painful, I cannot lift my arm above my waist without it hurting bad.

I couldn't lay on my right side because of my arm and couldn't lay on my left side because of my hip. So needless to say I didn't sleep well at all. Disturbed my poor husbands sleep too, he left me in bed feeling really sorry for myself.

I sound like a wimp and making excuses, and I hate sounding so. I am feeling very positive about everything and will get into a decent walking pattern in the next few days.

Today I heard about Stephen Fry and his 6 stone in 6 months weight loss and that has inspired me.
As well as inspirational friends who really are fabulous.They know who they are:) and they are lifting me and I WILL SUCCEED.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Walking The Walk

I am really trying hard with my walking now, I feel great when I am doing it. It is just getting out that is the problem. I just need the motivation, it is getting better, but could be so much better.

Getting up with my husband in the morning 5:00am, going to get him to drop me off 3 miles away and will walk back. He leaves home at 5:30 am I hope to be back home by 6:30am.

So guess where I am going now? Night night xxx

Sunday, 5 July 2009


I realised this morning my life is revolving around numbers. Measurements are so important right now: weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, vital statistics, number of steps, minutes on Wii, minutes on Nordic Walker, calorie intakes, grams of fat, grams of fibre. Numbers, numbers, numbers....123456789 they are ruling me!!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Women Drivers!!

I hate it when a motorist does something stupid when I am in the car with my husband and its a woman!! He alsways says "Women Drivers!" Why do women get the name of being bad drivers, but when a car dealer is selling a car, it is a good selling point when it has had "One lady driver" as the owner?!!

On Thursday evening a stupid woman driver reversed into me:( Not my car but me!! Now I am not a little woman am I? Why didn't she see me? I was walking past her car to get to mine and as I was level I heard her change gear and the reverse lights came on and before I could get out to way she reversed. She hit my hip and upper arm. I shouted "Excuse Me" she stopped and looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and muttered what I think was sorry...then drove off!!!
I was in shock, didn't get her number or anything. WOMEN DRIVERS GRrrrrrrrrr

I now have a very painful left hip and feel very angry, she could not have looked in her rear mirror, what if that had been and elderly person, or a mum with a buggy?

Rant Now Over....

We are going to a wedding this evenng, a friends daughter got married this afternoon, she looked stunning. I won't be able to do any dancing:( I am going to eat before we go so I am not tempted into eating all the naughty stuff you find at "DO's"

As I will be partaking of a glass or two of alcohol I got weighed today instead of tomorrow. Guess what, no weight loss again....

I am disappointed butI know the reason why, lack of exercise, I have hardly done anything this week. I will improve, I will...

My blood sugars and blood pressure in down again this week so the new eating regime is helping there. I just need to get a spurt on with the weight.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Streaming Cold and Beans

I have woken up this morning with a streaming cold, why?

When the weather is so hot and sunny, why do you get a cold?
One of life's mysteries... or miseries....

Healthy eating still going well and I was inspired by a chat I had with one of the doctor's I work for. I have very recently discovered how delicious beans are. Not the usual baked beans, but an array of different beans that make up some delicious salads.

Anyway, she was saying that beans can help with menopause symptoms. Something to do with phyto-proteins. Her timing is fab, I am now on the lowest dose of HRT after being on it for 21 years. I am experiencing some symptoms I am not liking, so I am looking to find some relief from the beans;0)