Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wednesday Already?

I know I have said it before, but where is the time going?

I weighed in today and stayed the same:(
I  am a bit fed up with it as I won't be weighing next week as I am away.
Was hoping for at least a pound. 
I have been thinking about my eating and exercise
and why it is taking so long to lose this weight. 

Is it my age?
Is it my lifestyle?
Is it my job?

It has taken 27-28 weeks to lose 23 pounds.
I know a loss of 1-2 pounds a week is the recommend healthy loss rate.
but it is so boring!!!

Why can't I do a regular 2-3 pound loss like some people I know;)

I have got 25 weeks to lose 36 pounds.
Right now I don't think I can do it.
Right now I am pretty fed up and ready to throw the towel in.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

No Belly Dancing Tonight:(

I have been so excited about going Bellydancing tonight, but I have been disappointed, it isn't on tonight.
Knickers!!!!  So I have to wait two weeks now to get going with it. Not happy....

My daughter came round with my youngest grand daughter and cheered me up.
Last week I gave the Rainbow's a big box of papercrafting stuff.  Tonight they  all made me a
Thank You card and Emily insisted on bringing them round to me straight away.  I was so touched, the thought of 12 littlle girls making cards just for me, it  brought a tear to my eye.

I must say I laughed after reading the comments about my lists in yesterdays post.
Funny how we all pick up on SEX.

I meant what I said, I am having the best ever and at my time of life I think it is AMAZING.

My previous marriage was sexless for the last fifteen years so therefore I thought that was it, the physical side of a relationshipgone for good. Oh Boy am I glad I was wrong.

I am now with a man who is the most giving and loving, sensual and passionate and sexy I have ever know.
We have fun, we do a lot of laughing in bed, it is a great Aphrodisiac. In fact I think Laughter is so important in a relationship, if you are easy with each other and can laugh together, the loving comes so easily.

We enjoy each other emotionally, physically and sexually, we both know how very lucky we are
and thank  God everyday for the JOY we share.

By the way, when I asked for ideas for celebrating our First Anniversary, I was thinking FOOD not somewhere to have adventurous sex....Made me think though;0)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Scrap Happy Lassie:)

Well what can I say, I started to catch up on comments and checking out my favourite places and found I received TWO Honest Scrap Awards.  I am amazed, when I read the brilliant blogs out there I am humbled to find I have received an award, never mind TWO.

Thank you to VRaz60 and Tammy I am speechless...

I see that you have to tell 10 things about yourself if you receive this award, does that get multiplied by the number you receive?  So do I have to tell  20?  Erm...well..lets see what I can tell you that is not boring or shocking:)

1. I love Altered Art.
2. My favourite colour is Blue.
3. I met my husband via the internet.
4. I love teddy bears and have more than a couple...
5. I start Belly Dancing class TOMORROW..YIPPPPEEEEE!!!
6. I adore Jack Vettriano's Painitings.
7. I am shy.
8. My favourite football team is Everton.
9. I collect Notebooks.
10. I hate Racism and Discrimination.

11. I cannot sing but I like to sing.
12. I was going to be a nun.
13. I rarely watch televison.
14. I  am having the best sex I have ever known.
15. You move me.
16. I love candles.
17. I suffer from procrastination and would love to find a cure.
18. I adore my grandchildren.
19. I am so boring.
20. I love papercrafts.

I am sure this must be the most boring list ever and I am sure if I was given a week or so to think, my list would be different but Hey-Ho this is me today..

I am still recovering from tha journey home yesterday and my back is wrecked.  I am back on track with my food though amd I am really pleased about that. I enjoyed a treat or two packed with everything one shouldn't when trying to lose weight. I suffered for it, I have been so uncomfortable and bloated I so want to get back into healthy eating.  Soup has been my saviour today with some delicious multi grain bread.

We are away to Cornwall at the weekend and I am looking for some simple but healthily delicous recipes so Ralph doesn't feel he is being denied because of my journey. I have promised myself three treats while we are down there.

1 A Cornish Cream Tea.
                                                          2. Cornish Fish and Chips.
                                                                                                                      3. A Cornish Pasty

So if I eat healthily the rest of the time and we do all the walking we plan to, hopefully I will stay the same.
I am sooooooo looking forward to this holiday.

We will be celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary on the Tuesday, so will have to have something special then. Any idea's?


Here is the Beautiful Boy.
 I so didn't want to fall in love with him.  But he got me, he grabbed hold of my heart  with both hands and just won't let go.  My defences are down and he has moved in and I am going to enjoy every moment I can with him.  I could bore you silly with all the photo's but I am being restrained.
Normal service will resume tomorrow, when I will hopefully catch up with  everyone and everything out there in Blogland.  But for now I am off to bed, we had very stressful six and half hour journey home and both of us are shattered.  Couldn't resist sharing a couple of pictures of Finn though...

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Off To Bonnie Scotland To See A Bonnie Laddie

Just a short post to say have a great weekend to all my Blogland Buddies.
We are off to see the beautiful Finn, can't wait to meet him:)
We will be setting off at 3am to get to  Dollar for 8am.
Then after breakfast with Ralph's mum we will be off to Dundee
to see the new family.

Healthy eating went a bit off course today but think still within calories for the week.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Happy Bunny Hopping and Bopping With Joy

I had an appointment with the Practice Nurse at my health centre today.
It was for my annual Diabetes check.

I am delighted to say all of my bloods are in the NORMAL range.
I am delighted to say my blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been.(Not that I have ever had a problem with it)

She called my doctor in to see me, he has been my gp for about fifteen yearsand has seen me through my dark times and there have been a lot of them. He was so pleased for me today as was the nurse.He could not say I am no longer Diabetic because once it is on your records it stays.But every test from Hba1c to Cholesterol, I think there were eight in all was normal.

I have been working so hard to get my eating and exercise sorted and today felt like I had been awarded a Gold medal for doing just that.I feel this will prove to the people who have been waiting for me to fail that I am not about to now or ever.

By the way, this is WITHOUT any medication.

So I am a VERY VERY Happy Bunny:)

I am so proud of me.

OOP's Update on Previous Post.

I have just realised I took my weight from when I weighed and measured on Sunday when it showed a loss onf one pound, but I didn't record it on here. I hope you understand and realise this is not the rambling of a desperately seeking loser.

So in a nutshell I have lost one pound this week but lost nothing since Sunday.

Shuffling off feeling silly.....

Weigh In Wednesday

Well what can I say, I have stayed the same.
Thought it was going too well.
Sheilagh doesn't have runs of weeks and weeks of losses. 

Not fretting about it, I know what might be the problem,
even though I am eating high fibre
I am feeling a" little bunged up" so to speak:)

I look forward to a decent loss next Wednesday.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sore Back Today

Not done much today,apart from go to work and go to the old town to have a baby gift basket wrapped during my lunch hour. My back has been very sore today, so my husband said no gym today. So have had quite a lazy evening doing nothing much.  Boy does it make you tired sitting around doing 
Says the energetic exercise addict extraordinaire!!!

Hopefully it will feel easier tomorrow as it will be my last opportunity to go to the gym until Monday.  We hare heading up to Scotland on Thursday straight after work. Going to see the new baby and his mummy and daddy and great nana too.
Was hoping to see the Beautiful K(Fat[free]Me) but she is otherwise engaged this trip.

Went over my calories a little today but not worried, I am in control and enjoying my meals.

Hectic Day Yesterday

Didn't get the chance to update last night, went visiting and had great fun with my granddaughters and their new puppy. Had a good natter with my baby daughter too.

Healthy eating and exercise going well, strangely did not feel hungry at all yesterday.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Half Way There

Six months today I will be SIXTY.
I started this journey six months ago.
After a slow start I seem to be picking up speed.
Everything seems to have clicked, the food, the exercise
more importantly the attitude.

So far I have lost 22.4 lb's, no hang on it is 23.4
because I weighed and measured today because I am half way.
Scales say I have lost one pound since Wednesday,
my offical weigh in day.
So 23.4 lost leaves 36.6 to lose in six months.            

I also measured today and have lost a total on 19 inches.  

I have learnt a lot about myself on this journey with the help and advice  and amazing inspiration of some fabulous people.  People I will probabley never meet in person and that is weird. I am so grateful to have "met you".

 If I ever win the lottery i am going to organise a big get together with all of you.  THANK YOU ALL

Another Very Special Addition to the Family

Finlay Dawson arrive at 6:39 this morning.
Eagerly awaited First child of Angela and Andy
He weighed in 6lb 4ozs

First grandchild for my darling husband Ralph
And a delightful addition to my brood of grandchildren
I now have NINE

I am so pleased for everyone and cannot wait to meet him next Friday.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Meet The Latest Member of The Family

Isn't she Gorgeous?

This is Meg an eight week old Collie, the newest member of my baby daughter's family.
They lost their beloved Ella three weeks ago and are still grieving for her.
This little fluffy bundle has brough the joy back to the house.

Helen, my daughter chose not to go with Mike my lovely son-in-law to pick her.
She didn't want to see a puppy that looked like Ella and want it.
So Mike and the girls chose her. She is adorable.
As you may guess she is the centre of attention not just with the family but the whole street.
Ella was a popular member of the close community my daughter lives in and they all mourned her.
Now they are all delighted with the new arrival and I think she will be soon a very loved member of of our extended family and friends group.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fabulous Food Day

Food wise I have had some delicous meals.
All  of them curtesy of my super husband.
He prepared breakfast and cooked  tea.
He bought me lunch too:)

The support I am getting from him is just
Fantastic.  He told me today he was very
impressed with how I am doing, both eating
and exercise wise.

So guess who is a Very Happy Bunny?

I had my fourth appointment at the gym this morning.
It was a new to me trainer, but I have seen her around the gym.
Her client's seem to do a lot of laughing.

She went through my programme with me, asking my
likes and dislikes in what I have been doing in the gym.
I told her I loved the rowing but hated the crosstrainer.
She said to leave the crosstrainer and not do anything I didn't enjoy.
She had me adding more weight to the resistance machines.
Boy it was hard work, but enjoyable.  She also taught me how to
breathe properly. Sounds daft but I hold my breath during
exercise and it is exhausting. So now I know how to breathe
and have divorced the crosstrainer.

So Guess who is a Very Happy Bunny?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday Weigh Day

Woke to a lovely Autumnal morning,
bit on the chilly side but lovely all the same.
Went to the gym, was first there again,
the doors were not even open.
Did an hour and ten minutes doing the full monty:)

2000 metres rowing in 11:30 minutes
15 minutes on the ^&*(&^^ crosstrainer!! (Hate it!)
20 minutes on resistance equipment.
30 minutes on treadmill averaging 5.5 miles per hour.
My heart rate has settled down, when I first started it was 144
It now ranges between 118 and 124, pretty good don't ya think;)
I actually love the rowing best, I imagine myself in the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race.
But I suppose really I am a Griff Rhys Jones groupie following him down the river, very slowly:(

When I got back I stepped on the scales and what did I see?
Do I need a drum roll?
Or do I need a box of tissues?......

Dah Dah..... I need both!!

Another TWO pounds gone, not quite forgotten but gone.
I am so pleased with ME.
I just wish I had clicked about the exercise,
especially with K. (Fat[free]Me and her fab success.
But better late than never and I am now pretty confident I will get to my target.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Albert Schweitzer

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Rest In Peace Patrick

After an amazing battle it is time to rest.
Patrick Swayze fought an amazing battle
 he was a fabulous dancer
 a believable actor
and a warrior to the end.
Rest in Peace.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Monday Monday...

Monday, the start of another week, where is the time going?  I wish I could find out.

Still in the afterglow of a wonderful weekend I went into work, feeling good, uniform is hanging off of me now:) A friend is going to alter my skirts at the end of September. I am not sure about laying out money for new blouses especially if I am retiring.

A workmate brough in some champagne and Bucks Fizz to celebrate the wedding of her son last week in
Prague. I had half a glass to toast the happy couple. All the very best Gerard andf Magda!! 

A former work mate came to visit with photo's of her sons wedding which took place in Cyprus last week.  She brought some scones and Lurpak butter, my favourite butter, but I resisted and didn't have any of it.  I am set in my mind now, if it isn't a good calorie it ain't getting near my tum!!

My eating is pretty good at the minute.  I made two big pans of soup this morning, on of Roasted Butternut Squash and one of vegetables. 

 I have had soup for lunch and tea.
I have been putting my food on my other blog, Idea borrowed from spunkysuzi.
It's better than just writing a food diary and I find it is helping to keep me on track.

I did an hour at the gym tonight, still find it strange that I am enjoying it.  I LOVE rowing...
I am trying to go to the gym everyday, not pushing myself too hard but want to set a routine before the winter comes in and I start making excuses.

So Monday Monday has been pretty good to me.
Mama Cass I miss you.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Simply Sunday

Another lovely day, the sun shone down on us today
and I must admit I am loving these simple pleasures I am having lately.
Without wishing to sound smug, I am very happy with my lot in life right now.

My husband is a joy to know and be with. He is my Reason.
He has turned my life around and I am finally living the life I know I deserve.
We don't do wild extravangant gestures or gifts, we live quietly.
We don't need much, we just need each other.
I thank God for the day he came into my life.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Superb Saturday

I have had a brilliant day today.
We went to Martin Mere at Burscough in Lancashire.  I
t is a Wetlands and Wildfowl Sanctuary and it was fab.
It was a lovely warm sunny day and everything about it was right.
I took some photo's but feel they are somewhat inferior
after seeing the one's my darling husband has taken. 
He is a great photographer.
Here are just a few of my humble offerings....
We did a lot of walking and talking, saw some beautiful birds.
Met a very nice woman with a camera and lens to die for. 
She was telling us she is doing a University degree course in Photography.
I would like to do a photography course at some point but don't think could study it full time for three years.
Eating was almost good today, I am over my calories by approximately 20 but that is not bad for the weekend.
I am quietly relaxed after a brilliant day with my Soulmate.
I hope tomorrow is just as good.

Friday, 11 September 2009

It's Friday Again!!!

The time is flying at supersonic speed at the moment, quite scarey..

Thank you Tina, Tammy, Trish and K, for your comments on my last post, you all brought me to tears.

I know Trish loves me, we have been there for each other for a long long time.  But it's great to hear her shouting it on here:0)
K,what can I say, you are the inspiring one!! Stop making me cry!!!
Tammy, I feel a connection with you across the miles, where we understand more about each other than just the weight struggle. Thank you.
Tina, I am glad I have got you thinking about putting you first, don't leave it too long.

I went  for my third appt at the gym last night, got Ste again, he worked me hard and this morning I am feeling it..  I never thought I would say I enjoy going to the gym, but I am.

This weekend is Ralph's short weekend, so we are having a relaxing fun weekend.  The weather forcast looks good.  So we are hoping to do some walking, either in the Lake District or North Wales.  I want to take him to the Peak District  but I think I need to get fitter for that, maybe Easter next year.

There is a Big Meeting of the partners in work today, hopefully they will sort out their difference's and life will improve for all of us.

Healthy eating is on track, excercise it Great......Did I really say that?

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I have been making some decisions today, some small, some big.

The big one, we are not having the gorgeous little kitten.  After talking it over with family and friends we decided it would not be fair on either the kitten or Titch. Titch is a little sweetheart and I do trust her, but animal instincts take over as it did when she caught a rabbit in the forest at Tennismuir. 

After seeing the kittens on Monday evening, I really fell in love with them all.  So their lovely mum Elise, after being told of my decision has decided she is keeping all three kittens.  She said  I can be "Auntie" to all three and vistit them often. So that was one decision that was sad and I shed a tear or two, but it's the right one.

The other decision I made today, is to take life as it comes.  I am not going to fret about things I have no control over.  This might sound quite simple, but it is pretty huge for me.  I have always worried about what other people have thought of me over the years. I have always been a people pleaser, always been what other people wanted me to be, wether it be my mother, my siblings, my husband's, my children, my friends,
 my workmates or employers.

It has only dawned on me recently I only have to please me, if I do that, those who love me will be happy with who I am, if they don't they don't matter.  Sounds harsh I know, but believe me I have had harsh treatment from those who supposedly loved me.

I am not writing this in bitterness, in fact just the opposite.  I am writing in joyous recognition of my self worth.
 I have finally realised at the age of 59 that I am worth looking after.
 That is what I am starting to do today, in all area's.

What This Space.

Wednesday Weigh In

A very short post....
Two pounds GONE!!!!
I am so Proud of Me!!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tuesday's Pleasure and Pain

This is my second attempt to post tonight, there seeem to be gremlins about...

Had a very busy day today, work was work, was work...

My workmate Pat and I took a walk over to the newly refurbished library here in Runcorn.  It is very different  from the original.  Very modern, cold and bland, I hope they put some pictures on the walls to brighten up the greyness of it all. The new cafe there was a delight though, we had lunch there, Pat had a scone with butter and jam and a latte.  I had a delicious beef and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread, with a  fabulous latte.

I went to the gym tonight and did my first 60 minute plus session!!!  WooHoooooo...

Rowed 1500 metres in    5:56 minutes
Cross Trainer               15 minutes
Resistance Machines    15 minutes  (6 x 16 rep x 2)
Treadmill                     30 minutes

Two young women (thirties) asked me how I coped with the Cross Trainer, as they couldn't?
They said I looked very comfortable on it!!!
I said I hated it with a Passion but won't let it beat me.
I told them I had  been a member for three weeks tonight, they looked surprised...

I think they were impressed...LOL

Monday, 7 September 2009

Possible New Member of Our Family

Here are a couple of photos of a highly probable new member of our family.

We have been to visit tonight,  she is so pretty as is her little brother pictured with her on the right.
She is four weeks old and we have another four weeks to decide if we want her.  Well we do want her, but need to work out if it is feasable to have her and Titch together.  There are a few practicalities to be worked out but at the moment ...

I am In Love
Is she cute or what?

PS Work was fraught today, all reception staff are very unhappy with the situation, a couple of the doctors are making sympathetic noises, but I doubt if anything with change.  The one who upset me has gone to Great Lengths to avoid me today.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Another Weekend Bites the Dust

Where does the time go?

We had a lovely day today, went for a long walk at The Anderton Nature Park.

Met some lovely dogs out enjoying the good weather with their owners. It was our fisrt visit there, but it won't be the last.  I reckon it will be a great place to go walking what ever time of year it may be.

Have just realised how late it is and I need to get to bed, early start tomorrow

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Just A Short Note.

Just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments after my misery post yesterday.

I am feeling much better today thank you. Talked at length with my darling last night and he has given me his blessing to leave the job if I still feel the same way next week. I would go without hesitatation if my pension payments were not decided on my final two years salary.  I would lose a quarter of it if I left now..

I spent best part of the day today with my wonderful best friend Trish, we were at a fundraiser for the charity she works for. Cruse Bereavement. We were demonstrating cardmaking and I was asked to make three cards there and then:
A 40th Birthday, Good Luck and and 18th Birthday. I have never made cards to order in such a short time before. But they turned out ok.

There was a "Bandala" Band doing a couple of stints and they were brilliant.  There is something about the drum, the rhythym and the beat that touches something primitive deep inside me and makes me very emotional.  I think I blogged about this before when we saw a school band playing the same type of music.  This band was ALL WOMEN and they were fabulous.  I got talking to a couple of them, I was hoping they had a CD but they didn't. They did tell me about it all though.  I recorded them on my camera and if I can work out how to put a movie on here I will tell about it them. 

Just want to say, I think I have found something else I want to do befor I am Sixty!!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Horrible Day at Work

I came close to walking out of my job today.
I work at a very busy gp practice and have been there 22 years.
I am due to retire on my 60th birthday.
I  was thinking of staying on, but after this afternoon, I won't be.
I reached melt down and ended up in floods of tears.

Because of my loyalty to my manager and workmates I won't go into
what went on. Just surffice to say our employers need automatons to
man reception and answer the phones, rather than  real caring people.

I could Rant and Rave and pull my hair out but it won't help, I could stuff my face
and believe me I have been very tempted since getting home.  So far I have resisted.
But the night is young and my man isn't home till 9pm.

I will focus on getting ready for my day with Trish,
we are doing a crafty workshop tomorrow and so
I need to get my things together.

Roll On Tomorrow

This Hit Me in the Eye This Morning

If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.
- T. Harv Eker

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Gym Induction Part Two

I had my second induction at the gym this evening. 
I have been going and doing the treadmill, rowing and the dreaded cross  trainer. Circumstances got in the way of part two, but I finally got to it today.

I was slightly perturbed when I found I was having a male trainer, but I need not have worried. Ste was a very nice mature guy, was dreading it being a young chap. He was about three inches shorter than me and of course slimmer, but he was very nice.
Anyway he put me through my paces on the Resistance machines. Five different ones, I enjoyed it strangely, but he warned me I may  be sore on Saturday:0(
I don't know if it is the same in most gyms, but there are more older people than younger at the moment.  I think the average age tonight was about 45. Last time I was a member the average age was around 29.

I am going to go every other day and walk on the days I don't. 

BACK in The GROOVE!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Phew....Now Breathe

Just got weighed......
Had a lucky escape.......
Stayed the same............

I don't deserve that!!

After what I ate at the weekend I was looking at a two pound gain.
I need to be very careful this week just in case it decides to catch up with me next week.

Note to Self: One Must Do Better

Courage doesn't always roar
Sometimes courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day
Saying" I will try again tomorrow"    
Mary Anne Radmacher.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September Measure Up

I got measured this morning and I am delighted to say I have lost:
One and a half inches from my bust
Threequartes of an inch from my waist
One inch from my hips
Half an inch from my midriff.

So that is another three and threequarter inches gone for ever.

My blood sugar in down in the normal range 5.4 this morning :0)

Blood pressure: 138/76
Pulse: 63

So everything is looking good so far.
Just waiting on the weigh in tomorrow.