Thursday, 30 July 2009

Calorie Counting

After answering some light hearted questions on spunkysuzi's blog. One of the questions and the answers got me thinking.

The question was: Do you count calories?
My answer was yes.

I have tried all the diets going throughout my adult life: Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, Slimmer UK.
I have friends who have lost many stones with WW. I lost 14lb.
My sister lost six and half stone with Slimming World. I lost 10lb.
I tried with Rosemary Conley, but put my back out and was unable to do the exercise. I lost 9lb.

The one slimming club that worked for me was Slimmers UK. I lost six stone with them and even went on to be an advisor with three classes of my own.
Calorie counting was at the heart of their philosophy and that has stuck with me.

I have since put that six stone back on, it has taken twelve years. I know that precisely because my grandson Olivier is twelve tomorrow. The day after he was born, I was a passenger in a car crash and injured my back. I was out of action for several months and I lost my classes and started putting the weight back on.

In that twelve years my weight has fluctuated from highs to lows. My life was a roller coaster in many ways, emotionally, mentally, physically. I could write a book, but then again couldn't we all.

Counting calories works for me.
When I started my 60 x 60 journey I started with 1650 calories dropping down to 1600, which is what I am on now. I am of a mind to drop to 1550 depending on my weigh-in on Saturday.
If I have lost weight (I better had have!!) I will stay on 1600. Dropping calories is not something I like to do to soon, because when I reach a plateau there is nowhere to go. I don't agree will 1000 or less allowances. What I have been looking at is "empty calories" and have learnt to avoid these.
This week I have been using my calories count 100% and if I haven't had a decent weight loss on Saturday I will be very disappointed. As I have stepped up my exercise twicefold and I think this is what I need to be looking at now. Exercise is what moves the weight and I think the older you get the more important exercise is. I feel much better in myself for all the walking we have done this week, physically and mentally. My back is great at the moment (fingers crossed)
Healthy eating continued today and I am feeling good. It is 11:23pm and I am wide awake... I must be doing something right...LoL


Tammy said...

We're doing about the same thing w/ the calories...I started with a nutrition website, SparkPeople, and they gave me a high range of 1550. Then I started walking 20 mins a day on the treadmill and my website raised it to 1590, so now that's where I'm at. I'm waiting on the plateau to hit so I can drop it to 1400 and see if that helps move anything along. I'm proud of you for all the walking you've been doing...I really need to push myself to do more so I can build my endurance. I don't like it on the treadmill at all, but I truly enjoy the hiking on the weekends in scenic places with Dwayne. I hurt my knee a couple of days ago, and while it's starting to feel better, I'm going to give it one more day of rest tmrw so I'll be all ready for our hike on Saturday. :)

Fat[free]Me said...

I have high hopes that now you're getting a lot more exercise, you will begin to get better results on the scales (and on blood sugars). Building up your strength and endurance gradually is the sensible way to go anyway, especially with your back!

Good luck with tomorrow's weigh-in.