Saturday, 18 July 2009

WooHoo What A Day.....

What a Day... The weight is finally starting to come off.

TWO POUNDS lost this week, it's been along time coming...

So that is my first stone lost. The fact it has taking over three months to do is galling, but I am finally getting there. This new way of eating is paying dividends now.

What a Day... I met my ex husband in Asda(Walmart) this morning and he said I look great!!!

We had a chat about Cally and other family stuff, it was really very nice, it is good to be on friendly terms with him.

What a Day... We went for a hike around Delemere Forest and it was great.

The weather forecast was for sunshine and showers but we just got sunshine. I really enjoyed it, despite my beloved pushing me to try harder, climb higher, move quicker. He has my best interests at heart and I didn't get cross with him, I have done in the past.

We met a couple from Liverpool and they had a couple of Westies: Logan and Dexter they were Gorgeous!! I took their photo and will post it later.

So far today has been Brilliant and it is going to carry on being so.
We have been to Blockbuster's and hired "Slumdog Millionaire"
and "Marley" the tissues are at the ready. I will do some low cal popcorn.
Can't believe I walked past their toffee popcorn without a twinge of regret.

We are having chicken curry with naan bread and rice for tea and I am going to enjoy every morsel. Even having a glass of wine too;0)


Fat[free]Me said...

That is FANTASTIC! I am so glad your weight is shifting at last and that you had such a brilliant walk (slightly jealous of the good weather though).

Haven't seen Slumdog yet,but I read Marley and Me and know you will need those tissues (especially after Cally).

Well done on a great day - here's to many more!

Sean Anderson said...

What a fantastic day! Sounds like a wonderful evening!