Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Weigh In Wednesday 30/90Days

Well what can I say....

I can say I enjoyed every morsel that contained the calories that contained the fat, that gave me a FOUR pound Gain!!!

No excuses, no wringing of hands, no fretting.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas, it was better than I thought possible.  So the weight gain gets a line drawn under it and it will be gone by this time next week.

I am a third of the way through my Ninety Days and have to be honest and say I lost my way a little with Christmas preparation etc. So I am now on a mission, Sixty Days from today Sheilagh will be Looking Good, Feeling Fab and Ready Willing and Able to enter her Birthday Month.

There will be no more weight gain.
There will be no more sitting in the doldrums.

There will be more Energy.
There will be more Joy.

Mood = Fabulously Positive.
Food  = Deliciously Healthy.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Well That Was Christmas That Was!! Day 29/90

All those weeks of  shopping, decoration, baking and preparations....then it is all over.

Christmas with all it's promises can be such an anti-climax most of the time.
I always  coach myself not to be expecting too much, from childhood to the present day.
I may post about "Christmas Past" sometime, but tonight I want to focus on "Christmas Present".

I have had a Wonderful Christmas. I woke on Christmas morning beside the most wonderful man I know.
We spent Christmas morning together, having breakfast and exchanging gifts.  I was spoilt..LOL

We then went to my baby daughter Helen's and spent a delightful afternoon with her and her lovely family.  My  son in law Mike cooked a Fabulous meal.  My  gorgeous granddaughter's Jess and Emily entertained us we had tons of laughter. After spending a wonderful afternoon with them, we then went to see my middle daughter Clair. This is the daughter who has not been friends with me for fifteen months and each day of those fifteen months my heart has been broken.

Christmas night mended my broken heart and her's.  We are totally reconciled and this was my best Christmas gift.  We spent three hours with Clair and her husband Tim and it was very emotional, very healing and very, very special.

Boxing Day we travelled to Hampshire to stay with my eldest daughter Jen and her family and again, it was Wonderful. Two and a half days with them went very quickly.  We had fun and laughter, no television!!
My husband took the boys to the cinema yesterday and Zara and I had a crafting afternoon.  While mum and dad had some chill time.

We arrived home this afternoon after a rough journey home, my back was agonising again, these long drives don't help my back at all. I went to bed with painkillers, a hot drink and a magazine. I slept for four hours, hence I am now wide awake while my husband is sleeping...

I have not mentioned my food or exercise at all so far... I have enjoyed some delicous food over the holiday, I have not enjoyed any exercise, the icey conditions have stopped any planned walking.
I am pretty sure I have put weight on, but it will be off again next week.
I am back at the gym on Wednesday, healthy eating has started today.
I am scribbling plans and thoughts for the New Year, the beginning of my sixth decade.
I will post on New Years Eve about what I hope and pray will be my best decade yet.

Food  = Naughty But Nice
Mood = Happy Hopeful and Thankful

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Well I didn't get to Onderland for Christmas :o)  but it is no big deal.   Well it is a little bit of a deal, but nothing worth fretting about. I have had a 0.2lb's gain and I am ok with that considering the Season.  I am not bothering to tinker with my ticker for such a small change so it will show a STS this week.

It worked.  Staying away from my laptop worked, everything is done for Christmas, the house looks all cosy and Christmassy, all the presents are wrapped, just one batch of baking to be done after work today and thats it...   can't believe it.

The weather is yucky right now, I  know snow looks lovely from the window, and on Christmas cards. But the reality of the slush turning to ice and the possible consquences or not so nice.  There was a 16 car pile up  yesterday just down the road from where I work. All the roads in the vicinity were log jammed for over 6 hours.  It was no fun for folk getting home last night. The rumours are the council had run out of grit?  How can you run out of grit when we have only had two icey days? There were no serious injuries, but there will be a a fair few cars off the road this Christmas...

Patients were chatting yesterday as they were waiting for the jam to clear. The main topic was Christmas's past, and why everytrhing seems to grind to a halt nowadays after a bit of snow. It was decided we all rely too much on cars now. I remember as a child, we as a family thought nothing of walking six miles in snow to get to my gran's house at Christmas, we would be freezing cold by the time we got there, but would soon thaw out by the fire with my gran or one of my auntie's rubbing our hands or legs to get the heat back.  The memories came flooding back as we all chatted away, it was great.

So I was wondering, any memories of Christmas to share out there folks?  I would love to hear them.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Seasons Greetings

I have had a wonderful day today, but it made me realise I have got a very busy week ahead of me.
So therefore I have had to rationalise and organise what needs doing.  Learning from my past, I always end up stressed on Christmas Eve because I never get everything done in time.

This year is going to be different, but for it to be different I must knuckle down and leave the computer, the internet etc until I have wrapped, baked, cleaned everything that needs to be done.

So therefore I am going to wish all of you, my dear Blogmate's
A Very Happy, Healthy and Joyful Christmas
tonight, just incase I don't get back before Christmas.

 Thank you for being there, your help, advice and encouragement has been fantastic.  I don't have the large number of Followers that some of you have, but I know of the Follower's I do have there is a lovely little group that I cherish as dear friends, I am so glad to know you.

Tomorrow will be three months to my Big O and I have been thinking about it, but will blog about it after Christmas. Food and Mood today has been Mellow and Happy, I hope is remains at that level for the forseable...

Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Weekend Day 18/90

My man is home, the house is lovely and warm and cosy. Even though it is freezing cold outside.
The Christmas tree is twinkling at me, as much to say
" Bring it On, Christmas feels So Good".
We are finishing our Christmas shopping tomorrow.
 I hope to get it all wrapped and boxed off tomorrow evening.

On Sunday, weather permitting we are going to Wales to meet up with my Bezzy Mate in Llandundo.
Ralph will go walking and leave Trish and I to talk and talk and shop and talk and talk.....Bliss
She was supposed to be coming here for the weekend but her husband is having an MRI scan tomorrow at 1pm.  Can I ask those of you who believe to say a little prayer they get some good news. Trish is being worn down right now caring for Phil, holding down her job and coping with life in general. I am worried about her.

Healthy eating is good for the most part, the bitter cold makes one feel Very hungry, so far I am coping.
I was awake most of the night again ....

Today's Ninety Minutes

20 Minutes talking on phone to my lovely mother in law,  I love that she rings to speak to me when my darling is at work.
20 minutes reading a magazine.
30 minutes wrapping presents for my darling before he got home.
20 minutes relaxing before bed, in the hope I get some decent sleep tonight.

Mood = Relaxed
Food =  Relaxed

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Weigh-In-Wednesday Day 16/90

Well after giving myself a good talking to yesterday
I have had a much better day today.
I am still not sleeping but looking at changing some habits to see i
f I can improve matters. I have had lots of advice to try to enhance
my sleeping pattern. I am going to start trying
a different bedtime routine tonight.
Unfortunately I cannot have the relaxing warm bath
recommended by a couple of friends in work. We don't have a bath.
I will try a warm shower instead, I usually have a hot shower
of a morning so a warm one is going to be different.
I have also bought some lavender and camomile oils as recommended
by BearFriend from 
I will be using them tonight also. I so need them to work....

I had a good day in work, we were very busy
but folk had happier heads on today.
I had a lot of happy banter with patients both
face to face and on the telephone.
Even the doctors were a a little more relaxed a
fter the review meeting with the local PCT went well.

I can't let today go without mentioning my Fabulous Friend Kari f
rom  At todays weigh in she reached her goal weight
and has lost a fantastic 87.5pounds. This woman has been so committed to this weight loss
she has been AWESOME. I have never seen such dedicationstength and guts.
 I am so proud of her and delighted to claim her as a very dear friend.

My weigh in this morning brought me a two pound loss,
I am so delighted with this after the yucky week I have had.
My mood as been up and down but my food has been FAB.

So I am half way to my 60 x 60. I could say the pressure is on but I am not I am not letting it get to me.  I have just over three months to go, if I lose the next 30 as slowly as the first 30 I will not get there. I am looking at what changes I can make food wise. Any tips or advice most welcome. I know I must step up the exercise good style and I am in talks with my beloved on this subject.

Todays Ninety Minutes

A warm shower, body lotion, mug of hot chocolate (Light) a dab or two of Lavender and the same of Camomile, Meave Binchy and my bed....Ninty minutes to slumber........zzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mood = Hopeful
Food = Wholesome

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Oh Do You Make Me Feel Good!!! But I am so Bad Day 15/90

Thank you so much for the lovely comments left on my last post, it really gave me a lift when I came on line tonight. It really is a joy to have such friends out there, THANK YOU. I glean such inspiration from reading  blogs and tonight I have been humbled reading one blog in particular:  This fabulous woman is having a rotten time at the moment, no money, family illness, cat been ill, dog and cat got fleas, to name but a few of her problems. But she never moans, never gives in, she is awesome.  She makes me feel ashamed.  I wrote this second paragraph before reading her post. I am Utterly Ashamed of Myself...

It's been a rough day all round. This not sleeping is doing my head in.  Work has been manic, the pre-Christmas panic has set in.  It happens every year, patients suddenly realise we are closed for the holiday and get crazy about repeat prescriptions and needing to see the doctor before the holiday.  On top of that we are short staffed, but still the new scanning training goes on.  Leaving just two of us to deal with eight phone lines, greeting patients at the desk, generating repeat prescriptions, as well as doing regular admin chores.

At least I have got a job.
My husband has got a job.
We have a comfortable home.
We have no money worries.
Our families are all well and secure.
Our dog is well and doesn't have fleas.

I need to start counting my Blessings and start helping those less fortunate.
Thank you Zaa for a very valuable lesson especially at this time of the year.
I hope your situation improves very soon, you really are a STAR.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Do Day 14/90

Christmas Do

This is me ready for the party, I don't look as slim as I feel which is a disappointment.
I got loads of compliments on the night and today about how I looked on the night.
The food was delicious and the company great. 

I have been having trouble sleeping again and was out of sorts yesterday after being awake all night Saturday/Sunday.  I had a nap yesterday afternoon but my energy levels were virtually nil. I started taking St Johns Wort again today to see if it will help.

Feeling very tired tonight.
Mood = Weary
Food = Good

My Ninety Minutes
Every one of them resting.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Lovely Day with my Guy Day 12/90

I have had a lovely day today, went shopping for a new Christmas tree, had a meander around the shops. Bought yet another handbag (I have quite a few) but this was at the instigation of my husband so I wasn't arguing:o)

We have had a lovely relaxing afternoon, had a light lunch of bagel, Extra Light Philly and smoked salmon. Was delicious. Tried to eat light today as tonights Cristmas "Do" is a Christmas Carvery so saving myself for that.

Just about to start the transformation from mere mortal to heavenly body, trouble is I have seached high and low for that magic wand and it has disappeared..Ok Who pinched it?  Come on, confess now and I will let you off..

Todays Ninety Minutes

Music = Josh Groban again, he moves me, his song "When You Say You Love Me" is my song to my guy.
Reading = Blogs
Pampering = Just about to start, should take about an hour...

Mood = Fab
Food  = Fab

Friday, 11 December 2009

Finn Day 11/90


Here is the Beautiful Boy,
Finlay Andrew McKenzie Dawson.
He is three months old now and a such a joy.
Growing so fast, too fast....

Today's Ninety Minutes

38 on Wii Fit Plus
30 walking
30 Reading

Food Fab
Mood Great

It is our Christmas  "Do" tomorrow night and I am deterermined to enjoy but not over indulge.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Alison Moyet

I read this article today:

 Alison Moyet is one of my very favourite singers and always felt a connection to her weight wise. Reading this article reinforced that connection.

She speaks of not wanting to be an obese old lady, that was what sparked off my present and final journey to a good healthy weight.  In my job as a Doctor's Receptionist, I see too many women of a certain age who  have trouble walking and talking, due to weight. I have become acutely aware of the health problems that are compounded by Obesity.  Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, CKD to name but a few. I have Diabetes but I am delighted to say it is so under control I don't feel like a Diabetic.

I don't want to be dependent on others for my care as I grow older. I want to live a long, healthy and active life. I don't want to be on so much medication that it has to be blister-packed so I don't get mixed up. I don't want to be so inactive that I need help to get out of a chair or my bed.

I want to be active both in body and mind.
I want to be happy and healthy.
I want to be interested in the world.
I want to take part in life not be a spectator.

So I must keep on with this journey, making it different and exciting when I float off into the doldrums.
I have read several blogs today with a tone of loneliness, defeat and boredom. I know it is difficult this time of the year to keep focussed on our health and wellbeing.  There is so much going on, with the build up to Christmas, shopping, parties, preparations. But we shouldn't forget to look after ourselves.  It would be so easy to let all the hard work go and say, I will start again in the New Year. But I for one am not going down that road. I have had a tough time getting to where I am now with this weight loss battle, I am not going to fall behind for the sake of a few days.

I plan to enjoy my food in the run up to Christmas and over the holiday, but it will all be in moderation and it will be calorie counted. I don't have a problem with calories, for me they are a great guide and help me to make good choices. They don't rule me, I rule them.

Alison Moyet is looking pretty darn good at the moment and I hope she can keep it up, she is a new inspiration for me. We have both been big, now she is slim and I am heading there.

Size Eighteen Day 10/90

Remember I posted about my Size 18's fitting but a little to tight  to wear them?
Well I wore them at the weekend to go to Scotland and here is the photo to prove it :o)

They seem a bit big on the legs already..

Working on Size 16 now.

Ninety Minutes

Music = Josh Groban
Reading = Magazines
Pampering = Moisturing legs.

Mood = Fair
Food = Fair

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Weigh In Wednesday Day 9/90

I feel I have been AWOL for ages, I didn't get the chance to post on Friday before we went to Scotland for the weekend. It was a very wet, soggy weekend.  I have never known such rain. The rain didn't stop us having a good time, it was a good family weekend. 

Finn is growing so quickly, he is a beautiful boy. We spent a lovely afternoon with him and his mummy and daddy on Saturday. Sunday was spent with Ralph's mum and sister and it was wonderful.  His mum loves having both of her children together having a good "Blether" as she says. It never happened during his first marriage..

Sunday evening we were with Uncle Bobby and Auntie Isobel, I adore these two lovely people. Isobel was my little Guardian Angel when Ralph and I got together. She seemed to understand the difficult dynamics of the family after divorce and the aftermath. But that is a post for another time maybe.

Monday morning we whizzed round seeing other aunties uncles and cousins before making our way back home.  I am so humbled by the love and concern this family have for each other, I miss my mum's family for this, I only have one auntie living now. My mum was one of nine children and my dad was one of eleven.  So my childhood and teenage years were full of family get togethers and celebrations. Going to Scotland brings those memories flooding back and I love it.

We got back home on Monday late afternoon, travelling back in horrendous rain, a scarey ride.  We were both physically and mentally wrecked. A very early night was needed...

Yesterday was my darlings birthday and we spent the day together in Liverpool.  It didn't work out as planned.  The weather again being the culprit, rain rain rain rain..... We had a lovely time together despite the weather. On the way home we stopped off at my favourite book store only to be shocked and upset.  BORDERS has gone into administration, the stores are closing and 1400 jobs are being lost across Britain. This time last year it was Woolworths!! 

My Ninety Day Plan ins back on track, I have been reading, listening to music,
Ralph bought me Susan Boyle's CD on Monday, that woman has the voice of an angel.
We did a little walking but not as much as we usually do, again due to the weather.
So reading is on track...
Music is on track...
Relaxing is on track...
Food is Great.
Mood is Fair.

Weight loss today .6lb. Slightly disappointing  but it is still a loss. Still hoping for Onderland for Christmas.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

This Was Not What I Was Thinking....Day 3/90

When I said I was going to spend 90 minutes a day on me, I didn't plan to be feeling so poorly my husband thought I had Swine Flu!!

I started feeling rough yesterday morning, achey joints, sore throat, vomiting and going hot and cold.  By last night I was off my feet. I was sent home early from work, got in to my jammies and curled up on the sofa drifting in and out of sleep.  My darling came home with two litres of orange juice and a thermometer.  He was convinced I had Swine Flu and was determined to prove it. I didn't have a temperature and I reminded him I have had both Flu jabs so it is not Swine flu. He made sure I drank orange juice and took paracetamol and made me as comfy as he could. I went to bed ans slept on and off for a few hours.

I dragged myself into work this morning, armed with my juice and parrots. There was no way I could have rang in sick as there is a three day intensive training course going on and not enough of us to cover for sickness. I muddled through and when I got home this evening have done the same thing as last night, jammies, juice, sofa. Got no appetite but could kill for some ice cream to sooth this throat of mine.

So two days into my plan the 90 minute plan is concentrated on me and the sofa....
Not what I had in mind :o(

Food = Ok
Mood = Miserable

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Weigh In Wednesday and Day 2/90

Weigh in Wednesday brings another two pounds loss!!
That is six pounds in three weeks, the most I have lost
in this my final battle with my weight.  I have to say I am

This is day 89 of my plan and can I just say very many
thanks for all the very kind and encouraging comments
after yesterdays post.

Part of my plan is to spend 90 minutes a day enhancing myself.
Now that may sound a fancy word, but I like it. By enhancing I
mean a bit of DIY on me.

This will be based around reading, listening to music, meditation,
exercise and a self caring regime (Commonly known as a beauty routine).

I used to read at least a book per week, but since my darling
came into my life I think I have read two books. 
I buy them with the intention of reading but never get round to it.
So that is going to change from today.

I have always loved having music in my life but these days
only seem to listen in the car or on Sunday morning listening to
"Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs"
So a concerted effort will be made to listen to more music.

Meditation, this is a huge need in my life right now,
stress levels are higher than they have been for a good while
(I am wondering if stress is part of why I am losing weight faster).
Meditation for me revolves around prayer, writing and quiet time.

Exercise, I am giving up beating myself up about this.
No I am not giving up exercise, I am adapting.
The gym membership is still going but I have not attended for
nearly two months. We have decided to keep it running,
we both want to get back there. My back is the big thing stopping me,
I know I could do the treadmill, but I can walk in the fresh air without
feeling pressured to use other equipment (climbing fences or tree's not included). 
I am using the Wii fitboard and the time spent with that is being increased.
So I am kind of happy with that for the moment.

Finally the Self Caring Regime, I can't call it a beauty routine.
My mother had a thing about Vanity, saying it was a sin to be vain
and it was vain to follow a beauty routine. 
So her years of conditioning me with her thinking are
taking a long time to release myself from. Hence my skin is not very good,
it dry and slightly rough. My nails are not very nice, my hair is not bad.
So I want to start taking time to care for my skin,
it might be a bit late in life but better late than never.

So I have a lot to fit into my ninety minutes a day
but it will be different every day.
At least thirty minutes exercise,
with everything else flowing in as a relaxing manner
to make my life more enjoyable.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ninety Day Plan

Today I begin a Ninety Day Plan, this will take me to March 1st 2010.
By that time I hope to have regenerated myself into someone
who will enter hersixth decade with a Joyful  Outlook.

Today I begin a to nurture and pamper my mind, body and soul.
Today I promise myself that no longer will I do things that harm my soul.
Today I promise myself honesty to the bone, no dressing up bad stuff with excuses.
Today I promise myself to build up my confidence and self esteem.
So Nobody and I mean NOBODY can knock me down ever again.

I am doing this for Me, not my husband, not my family, not my friends, not my blogmates.
This is Me and my finally give respect to this God given body
that has been neglected for too many years.
This is Me and my giving respect to my God given mind and intellect
that has been neglected so badly for far too long.
This is Me give love and respect to my God given soul. 
The very essence of me which has been tortured and
torn apart in my effort to fit in and please others.

This is a holistic plan, not just focusing on weight loss.
I hope to focus on the Good in life where ever it comes from.
The food and drink I take, the music and words I absorbe,
the exercise and relaxation I enjoy, will be wholesome, uplifting and enjoyable. 

I refuse to do anything that is no longer good for me, that is my plan. 
I so want to succeed with this, I owe it to myself.