Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quiet Night In

We have had a quiet night in, I just wanted to curl up and sleep when I got home from work.
Work was awful today, Swine Flu is building up and we are being hammered. There are a lot of people not taking any notice of the publicity the government and the NHS are putting out. We in reception are the front line and it is becoming quite stressed. Roll on tomorrow at 4:30.

I have started my list of "Sixty Things to do Before Sixty", it is all quite random at the moment and I have got 30 on the list so far. Most of them are quite mundane. Tomorrow I will update the list with the fantasy/dreams in the list.

I am sat here on the sofa with my laptop, my dog is doing her best to get onto my lap..LoL
She goes between myself and DH to see who will give in first, it's always me!!

Healthy eating is top notch today, no walking though.

1 comment:

Fat[free]Me said...

Ahh, quiet nights in, eh? Can't beat em!

Yeah, hurry up Friday eve - the weekend can't come soon enough.

My cat does the same, sometimes it is a wonder I don't type gibberish. What's that you say, I do?