Monday, 29 June 2009

It's So Hot.

It has been so hot today, we were so uncomfortable in work. It was such a relief to get home and out of uniform. We were supposed to go for a walk this evening but I ended up going to bed instead. I felt so wiped out. I slept for two hours, that is not like me, not done that in a long time. I felt much better after the sleep and cooked some delicious fresh tuna. Served up with a delicious salad prepared by my darling husband.

I am watching Wimbledon right now, watching Andy Murray v Wawrinka. A great match.
Come on ANDY!!!

A very healthy eating day, a short period of exercise this morning, so not too bad.
Must do better tomorrow though.

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Sean Anderson said...

You're really doing fantastic! The fresh tuna sounds wonderful!!

Your choices are rock solid here. By "do better" are you talking about exercise time??
I wonder how many calories you burned in the heat today?? I know, it doesn't excuse a workout, but still. It's not all a loss!!!

I really enjoy your blog...always good.

My best