Saturday, 4 July 2009

Women Drivers!!

I hate it when a motorist does something stupid when I am in the car with my husband and its a woman!! He alsways says "Women Drivers!" Why do women get the name of being bad drivers, but when a car dealer is selling a car, it is a good selling point when it has had "One lady driver" as the owner?!!

On Thursday evening a stupid woman driver reversed into me:( Not my car but me!! Now I am not a little woman am I? Why didn't she see me? I was walking past her car to get to mine and as I was level I heard her change gear and the reverse lights came on and before I could get out to way she reversed. She hit my hip and upper arm. I shouted "Excuse Me" she stopped and looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and muttered what I think was sorry...then drove off!!!
I was in shock, didn't get her number or anything. WOMEN DRIVERS GRrrrrrrrrr

I now have a very painful left hip and feel very angry, she could not have looked in her rear mirror, what if that had been and elderly person, or a mum with a buggy?

Rant Now Over....

We are going to a wedding this evenng, a friends daughter got married this afternoon, she looked stunning. I won't be able to do any dancing:( I am going to eat before we go so I am not tempted into eating all the naughty stuff you find at "DO's"

As I will be partaking of a glass or two of alcohol I got weighed today instead of tomorrow. Guess what, no weight loss again....

I am disappointed butI know the reason why, lack of exercise, I have hardly done anything this week. I will improve, I will...

My blood sugars and blood pressure in down again this week so the new eating regime is helping there. I just need to get a spurt on with the weight.

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Fat[free]Me said...

Ouch! If it is any comfort to you a DHL driver (male) did the same thing to me the other week!

Hope the bruising is gone now!