Monday, 31 August 2009

Six Months Gone! Six Months to Go....

Tomorrow is September 1st, that means I have come to the middle of my quest to lose sixty pounds by my sixieth birthday. I have only lost 20.5 pounds so I have got my work cut out over the next six months.
I want to be at my target weight on March 1st not going down to the wire on March 20th.

Twenty six weeks @ two pound a week = fifty two pounds
Twenty six weeks @ one and half pounds a week =thirty six pounds

So I need to average at around one and three quarter pounds a week steadily if I am to achieve my goal.


Season changes, habit changes.
A week in beautiful Cornwall..Delicious Food.
Forest Hill Retreat in November...Delicious Food and Fab Company.
Christmas and New Year..... Food Food and Food.


I REALLY want it.
My motivation is high.
My health is improving.
I am walking more.
I have joined the Gym.

I have to admit my food choices this weekend have not been so good, I have not been to the gym as my left knee was quite painful and we decided it would be best to rest it for a couple of days.  We have done some walking but nothing that would burn up any calories. I would not be surprised at a weight gain on Wednesday.

Tomorrow starts my favourite time of the year and I will be in my element walking for the next two maybe three months as the colours change on the trees. I am feeling pretty good about the next few weeks....

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Ella Bella

Here are two photo's of Ella and her family taken on friday morning, with the exception of my daughter. She could not face having her photo taken with Ella. 

As you can see she was greatly loved and will be greatly missed.
Thank you for the lovely comments after my posting on Friday.

Sunday Sunday...

Sat here listening to Steve Wright's Sunday Lovesongs on Radio2. Have had a relaxed and happy morning with my darling. We have done some tidying up, throwing out and sorting.  He has gone to the tip with several bags, boxes ect. The bedroom is a little less cluttered, will be a lot less cluttered next week when I send a lot of papercrafting supplies to Rainbows when the new school year starts.

I have printed out a shopping list for meals for a week which will start on Tuesday September1st. I have joined an online diet site.  My BezzyMate, Trish lost one stone with them and I need some structure to my eating.  I have already blogged about fearing the change of season and change of eating habits.  So I am forward planning. This is going to be my safety net for the the next twelve weeks. 

I have chosen to follow the High Fibre route as I know I will be able to have potatoes, pasta and even some bread. The Meal Plan and Shopping List looks pretty good. I also have my F. Plan Diet Books so can use them for inspiration too.

I am so afraid of sliding back as the nights draw in and it gets colder. I can see the weight loss in my face now and I am getting positive comments ffrom all quarters so really don't want to slip back.

Wish Me Luck...

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday Fun

It is 4pm Saturday afternoon and my gorgeous eight year old grandson is visiting.
He lives in Hampshire so we don't get to see him often, maybe four times a year if we are lucky.
Anyway he is staying with his paternal grandma at the moment and we got to borrow him for the day.
If we had a bigger place he would be staying here, but the shoebox is too small at the moment....
We picked him up this morning armed with a list of things/places to do. He didn't want any of them, he wanted to come here to play with Ralph. Now he hasn't known Ralph a long time but since they first met a couple of years ago, they have gotten along really well. I don't get a look-in and I'm the grandma!!
We went to MacDonalds for lunch, his choice, I had a chill chicken baguette, scrummy it was but did without my beloved banana milkshake. so 429 calories spent instead of 1429, so I am feeling pleased with me.
We had to go to my favourite craft shop to pay the balance for the craft retreat in November, grandson was not happy. If had been granddaughters I could have still been there, but no, grandson means quick whizz round but save money, so not all bad.
We are now at home, I am on pc while the boys play on the XBox, it is not peaceful, but it is fun, he is a joy to have around. But he is definately a man's boy.
A much happier day today.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Sad Day Today

My baby daughter sent me a text this morning telling my that Ella her collie dog was poorly and that her husband was taking her to the vet at 10:30.  I quickly got dressed and drove over. 
As I walked in Ella tried to come to me but was staggering all over the place. 
We knew her time had come.

This beautiful fifteen year old dog has give this family so much love and joy over the years. 
Two little girls have grown up with a playmate that let them do anything the wanted with her.
She gave so much but asked so little.

My daughter and son in law took her together, he was trying so hard to be strong saying he would be ok on his own. But my daughter went with him and I stayed with my two lovely girls, The two I blogged about a week or so ago.  The three of us sat on the sofa cuddled up talking about Ella and the fun they had with her.
The nine year old knew Ella wasn't coming back, but the five year old didn't grasp how bad thing were.

When their parents came back without Ella the floodgates opened, five of us heartbroken.
This little family mourning the loss of a wonderful companion and playmate.
I was hurting so much for them and there was nothing I could do but hold them while they sobbed.

The heartache we feel when we lose a dearly loved pet should not be dismissed because it its "just an animal". We should be allowed to mourn without embarrassment and with consideration.

My son in law had to go to work lest that an hour after watching Ella take her final breath.
I took a half day holiday to be with them this morning and I am glad to have done so.
I left my daughter and her girls deciding wether to have a sofa day, or carry on with the plans they had.
Which were to go school uniform shopping.

As he left the house my son in law choked back the tears, Ella was not at the door to say goodbye as was her usual thing, it was a very emotional moment.  As I left it was very sad, usually Ella jostles with the kids on the top step to be there to wave you off.  Today there was no jostling, no competition to see who could wave the hardest, shout bye the loudest. Just three very sad little girls, my little girl and her little girls. I was blinded by tears as I drove down the road.

Hopefully Ella is bounding round heaven with Henry and Cally now...there will be much fun up there...

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday Thought's

I was first in the Gym this morning!!!
First time on my own too!!!

It felt a bit strange, but I have got to do it.
Not going to let myself down by chickening out.

Rowed 1200 metres
Treadmill 15 minutes
Cross trainer 10 minutes

We are having our second induction on Saturday,
should have been last Saturday but the trainer didn't arrive.
So hopefully she will show up 9am this Saturday and
I can learn about all the other machines and build up a programme.

Work was a pain today, one of the doctors was so ill mannered I wanted to slap him.
I wouldn't mind but most of the time I adore the man, but he is sailing close to the wind at the moment.

Healthy eating on track.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

I was expecting to gain this week or at least stay the same as I have not been 100% physically or mentally this week. But I am delighted to say I have lost 1.5lb's and to say I am pleased is an

So I am now a third of the way to 60 x 60. Delighted but concerned.

As I said in my previous post, the seasons changing is bothering me food wise. I think I will be consulting my many cookery books at the weekend to see if I can adapt some favourite recipes.

Thanks Tammy (Fat to Fab)for directing me to Pam's site for some inspiration, (Lobster and Fishsticks)great blog.

Okay, onwards and downwards Sheilagh, get on with it Woman!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Seasons Turning

It is only August 25th isn't it? I am sure it is. So why does it feel Autumnal already?

There is a nip in the air in the morning, and the light is changing gradually.
This evening found me looking for a cardigan to wear as it is so cool around here.

My favourite season is on it's way, I love the September sunlight, the changing colours of the trees. I always have my main holiday in September/October and always go where I know the colours will be spectacular.

This year we will be going to Cornwall for a week, Ralph has never been there so I will enjoy it twice fold. Then up to Scotland to see Ralph's new grandchild who is due October 6th (Our Wedding Anniversary)

I am rather nervous about Autumn and Winter this year. Will I be able to sustain a weight loss?
Food choices will be so different and it worries me. Soups are fine, though I do like bread with my soup. Stews and casseroles are favourites but adapting them to low calorie takes away a lot of the deliciousness.

So I am trying to plan ahead, looking for any hints, tips or ideas.
Recipes for rib sticking food that doesn't stick to the ribs or anywhere else?

So Blogland friends can you inspire me?

Here's hoping...

Just a Quickie

Just back from the gym:

Rowed 1000 metres
Treadmill 15 minutes
CrossTrainer 10 minutes

Lesson learnt....

No Cake! Biscuit !Cookie! Muffin! Chocolate bar! Sweet! Toffee! Crisp!
Is worth 10 minutes on that evil beast the Cross Trainer!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Pretty Tired

I am feeling pretty tired tonight. Was a crazy day at work, the world and his wife and his ex wives wanted to see a doctor today!!! I felt the computers would go into melt down we were so busy.
So computers are not my favourite things tonight so I am away to relax with my darling.

Will catch up tomorrow.

Healthy eating back on track though:0)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

100th Post

Well What can I say?

I wanted this post to be special and express how it feels to be part of Blogland's Community.
I have been thinking about what to write, wanting the words to just flow and tell how there are some amazing people out there. People who have touched me from afar.
After a weekend away from the Internet, I came online tonight to find I have another two
"Lovely Blog Awards" one from Sean Anderson..I am Gobsmacked!!! Thank you Sean.
One from the lovely Amy from "The Not So Secret Life of a Not So Super Together Mom"
Thank you Amy you have made my day, never mind day, you have made my week!!

This means four awards so I have to give away 60!!! I don't think I read 60!!

I just want to give my thanks to everyone I read, I take inspiration and hope from each one. I am so impressed with how everyone shares their ups and downs, their sadness and joy's. It's a circle of support I have never known before and probably never will again.

Thank you to:

K Fat[free]Me


Irene Livin Large

Sean Anderson


Tammy Fat to Fab
Prior Fat Girl


Jack Sh#t

Merry Perennial

Fit By Fifty

Please accept the accompanying award with my sincere thanks.

I have tried to write this posting 4 times but the Internet keeps bumping me off, so I think It may be a little disjointed, I apologise in advance, it's not what I had planned.
My healthy eating has slipped a little this weekend, but I will get back on track tomorrow. I have had a lovely weekend, yesterday with my wonderful husband who bought me a delicious new toy and I am loving it.
Today I went to Angelsey to my friend Trish's Scrapbooking Crop and I got reacquainted with some lovely ladies and I am now inspired to get back to creating after a long break. So the healthy eating took a backward step but it will be back tomorrow.
Well I am off to my bed feeling very happy with my lot right now.
Good Night and may your God go with you.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Pictures From Last Weekend

Some photo's of Dollar, Ralph's home town.
The burn (stream) runs through the middle of the main street and is wonderful. My photos don't do it justice. Dollar Museum is a lovely place and they have some really great themes and displays. They have a kitchen from the fifties and it is so like my granny's.

Here are the photos of the Fabulous K and me. This is one wonderful girl. I don't wish to embarrass her singing her praises cos she doesn't believe how wonderful she is.
I have known her about six years, we met online through an interest in Altered Art. We clicked and have been good friends ever since. She has been very supportive and understanding throughout our friendship and I just love her.

This is the lovely Petunia and I really loved having a short ride on her.I have to admit forgetting how to ride a bike (must be my age). Couldn't get my left foot on the pedal for a while. So glad there were no camera's about when I was trying to ride..
I am really keen to get my bike now, may go looking again tomorrow:)
I have just realised I have to pass on my Lovely Blog award. I will do that tomorrow on what will be my 100th post. That's something else I can't believe, things have really changed for me due to this blog.
I will write about that tomorrow also.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Seven Months To Go

The date caught my eye this morning, August 20th, seven months to my birthday. I better get a move on, not just with the weight loss, but my list of things to do also.

212 days to lose 40.5 pounds. Looks doable when compared to some of the fantastic losses I am seeing on other blogs. But this is me, can I do it? I need to lose a steady 6 pounds a month which again looks doable? I have taken since March to lose 19.6 pounds so is it doable? Considering I struggle in the winter?

Well lets put it this way:

I have stepped up my walking.
I have joined the gym.
I am buying a bike.

So a lot has changed since March, I am far more active, far more motivated, far more joyful.

So Yes I Can Do It.

And my Blogland Friends have a lot to do with that change too....THANK YOU.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Excited and Honoured

I am excited and honoured, I never thought it would happen to me, but it has.
Not just one Blog Award but TWO!!!

I am gobsmacked.

Thank you Tammy (Fat to FAB)
Thank you VRaz60

I am so happy, I am one of those people who rarely win anything, so when two awards arrive together it is FABULOUS.

The only problem is I don't know how to show them on my blog?
I want to wear them with pride, can anyone advise me?

Thank you both again


Today is my first Wednesday weigh-in and I must say I am pleased:)
I have lost a further 2lb's so that takes me tantalisingly close to a
third of my total weight loss needed.

Nineteen and a half pounds gone forever.

Considering we did not do as much walking at the weekend I am delighted.
Thank you to everyone for your continued support,
I just love the buzz here in Blogland.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sheilagh's Joined The Gym

Sheilagh's Joined The Gym!!!

Yes it is True, she has been and gone and done it!!!

Was pretty painless for the most part, but I know the trainer was being gentle with me. It will get tougher on Saturday with my second session.

I did:
10 minutes on the cross trainer...that is a killer.
10 minutes on the heart rate went up to 144, but I was not feeling any strain or
1000 metres on the rowing machine which I loved, could have gone on and done more.

Must say that walking home my legs did not feel as though they belonged to me.

So 9am Saturday morning is the second part of the induction, I am looking forward to it. I am,
really, don't look like that...I am.....

I really haven't had time to visit any blogs since getting back from Scotland but I hope to catch up with what everyone has been doing over the weekend tomorrow.

I have my first Wednesday weigh in tomorrow too.
Was weighed at the gym tonight and was not to displeased, but will go by my faithful scales in the morning.

So off to bed I go..night night

We Are Back

We arrived back home last night. The weekend did not pan out as planned.
My poor Ralph had a migraine attack and didn't have any medication with him.
He spent Sunday in bed and struggled through yesterday.

The weather was awful, I haven't seen so much rain as I did on Friday.
Dundee was in danger of floating away I am sure. The traffic was horrendous too.
At times I felt we were in an American disaster movie, with the residents of a city having to evacuate, we wondered what was going on, the whole place was log jammed.

The pram was bought, very nice it is too. didn't get a photo:( might see if can find a picture online). Apart from a wardrobe and chest of drawers this baby now has everything ready for his arrival. The nursery is looking good and the expectant couple are like a couple of kids waiting for Christmas..

Ralph's mum was great as usual and fed us deliciously, sent us home with a rhubarb pie too!!
We had a lovely visit with Ralph's auntie Isobel and uncle Bobby, they are a lovely couple and Isobel is soooooooooo funny.

Yesterday we went to see my FABULOUS FANTASTIC Fat[free]Me friend. We met her gorgeous son, he is so definitely his mothers son. Good looking, charming, shy and I wish I had a daughter I could introduce to him to;)

I also met the delightful Petunia and had a little ride, oh boy, it is a long time since I have ridden a bike and it was an exciting,exhilarating experience.

We went to St Andrews after dropping the handsome lad at the station. The sun finally decided to come out and we had a nice little donder about. The bike shop was the first stop, the guys in there were so helpful. They gave me lots of advice, I tried one bike that I thought was totally GORGEOUS!!! It was GOLD and I want it, well I am going to be a Golden Girl aren't I? Trouble was it was almost twice my budget.... So we left with the catalogue and their card and plenty to think about.

We stopped for lunch and had some Cullen Skink. It is a soup made from smoked haddock, milk and potato. Don't think it was low calorie at all but it was very nice.

Ralph bought some new trainers ahead of our induction at the gym, bought with the encouragement of the lovely K!! A pair I was not at all keen on, but egged on by the minx he bought them. I got a bum bag....

Back at K's, she gave me a hula hoop!!!
She bought one for each of us and we had a good laugh trying to us them....unsuccessfully. I was good at it as a child, but that is a dim and distant memory now. But I will practice and think of K. each time.

She also gave me a mono strap rucksack for my walking supplies, a book to inspire me and a bottle of natural sweetener, she is such a generous and genuine girl and I love her to bits.

I will post some photo's later when I find the camera lead:(

I am due to get weighed tomorrow but am positive I won't have lost the three pounds I lost last time we went up north. We didn't do half the walking we planned, we ate well so I am hoping to have stayed the same. Fingers Crossed.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Taking the High Road

Well my beloved and I are off to Bonnie Scotland in the morning, leaving here at 5am.
We should arrive at my lovely mother-in law's at 9am and she will have the bacon rolls ready for her lovely son. She is a wonderful lady and looks after us very well when we visit.
Last time we were up there I lost three pounds so I am hoping for a repeat.

We are also going to see my step daughter, I haven't seen her in two years.
Last time I saw her she was not my step daughter...
There was a falling out (long story) but now she is pregnant
with Ralph's first grandchild and she is wanting to build bridges.

I am quite nervous about seeing her as there is a lot I want to say and it is not good. So I guess I should just let it go. I really do not like the way she has treated my dear sweet husband, but he has turned the other cheek so I am trying to follow in his footsteps.

I will also be seeing my FABULOUS shrinking friend from Fat[free]Me. I am hoping she will let me try her lovely Petunia;) I am looking to buy a bike and she is coming with me to have a look at some on Monday.

I really cannot believe the things I have started to do this year:

Losing Weight and enjoying it (Well most of the time)
Walking to get healthy and for walking for pleasure..Unbelievable.
Contemplating buying a bicycle.. yes me, myself, I am considering two wheels.
Joining the Gym.. Yes Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye.....Sheilagh has joined the Gym!!
My induction is 6pm Tuesday WhooHoo...

Is this really me?
Or have Aliens taken over?

I am seven months and six days from my Sixtieth Birthday and suddenly I want to get fit?
Why did I leave it so long?

I'll tell you why.

I never loved myself before, I always lived my life for others, directed by others.
Then I had an Epiphany, it was a good while ago, in fact it was in 2000.

My fiftieth year on this planet, things started happening and I started questioning.
It has been a slow process, but then again I have always been a slow burner, but what out when I blow.

So here I am 2009 and a very different woman from the 2000 model.
Working on the 2010 model.

Watch This Space.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I Had A Thought

I had a thought this morning, I won't be at home on Saturday for my weigh in.
So I had another little thought (It's ok, they are calorie and fat free) why not weigh in this morning and have my future weigh in's on Wednesdays.

The say imitation is a form of flattery and in swapping to Wednesday I am copying my lovely friend on Fat[free]Me. I would just love to have half of her success.

So I got weighed this morning and guess what, I have lost one pound since Saturday. After Chicken burger and chips and beans too...Shhhh that might still catch up with me yet.

So that is another small tweek in my programming:

Weigh in Wednesday
1500 Calories a day
Joining the gym tomorrow

My goodness is there no stopping this woman?



Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Two Little Gems

I had guests for tea this evening, my youngest daughter Helen and her two daughters Jessica and Emily. It was a delight as they danced around to one of my cd's. Fortunately they like some of my music but would like me to have some Hannah Montana or High School Musical stuff, but I have resisted so far. In these photo's the were having a great time singing and dancing along with Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".
They take great pleasure in wearing Grandma's shoes and dancing about in them.
The shoes in the photos are just a couple from several pairs strutting about in this evenng.
These Little Girls Bring Such Joy into My Life

My 1500 calories took a bit of a knock though, but I can balance the books by Saturday hopefully. We had chicken and chips and beans courtesy of ASDA.
I can't say I really enjoyed it, apart from the chips that is.
I miss them when I am being good.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Fresh Start Monday

Well after a very enjoyable weekend with good friends, good food but a bit more than I should have and some things I shouldn't have, it is time for a fresh start.

So today I have dropped my allowance to 1500 and so far it's been good:)

I have done 15 minutes on the Wii and I am just about to go to meet my husband coming home from work. Titch is sat by my feet looking very expectantly at my trainers...

Will finish my post when we get back.

I'm back, had a great walk with my little Titch and knocked 12 minutes off my time:) When I started walking to meet him, it would take nearly an hour, last week it took 50 minutes, tonight it took 38. I am not struggling at all with the walking now. In fact I would be faster if I wasn't training Titch to wait at the kerb when we are crossing roads. She is getting to be such a good little dog and I am getting to be more relaxed walking her.

Just had the last of my calorie allowance for the day, melba toast and laughing cow cheese, was delicious.

A good day today.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Evening

We had a lovely weekend My BezzyMate andMe.

There were tears and laughter, hugs and giggles.

Shopping and shopping and shopping, boy o' boy

can that girl shop...

The river cruise was fun, the food was delicious,
the wine was mmm..
The company was excellent.

Today we went to Borders for more deliciousness.
Trish did a lot more shopping:)
Then it was to Starbucks for Frappachinos and muffins.
Thanks to my dearly beloved!!!

So I needless to say, I fell off the wagon.
I will be back on board tomorrow,
with a lot more verve than the last week.

I am dropping to 1500 calories daily.
I am joining the gym on Thursday.
I am going to Scotland on Friday.
Last time I went to Scotland for the weekend I lost 3lb
I hope to repeat that feat again:)
Thank you to everyone who left lovely caring comments
after my posting on Friday. You really are lovely caring folk.

Friday, 7 August 2009

That Friday Feeling...

I haven't got it and I want to know why?
I should be buzzing, the weekend is coming.
My Bezzy Mate Trish,is arriving for the weekend of
non-stop chatter, craft shopping and swapping.
We are also going on a "Disco Cruise" on the River Dee for anther friends big 50.

But my get-up-and-go seems to have got-up-and-gone!!

I feel really out of sorts, I thought maybe it was my Diabetes,
but my bloods are perfect(big smile).
Hope I am not coming down with something nasty.
Maybe things will get better as the day goes on.
I have been feeling like this for three days now,
so hopefully it should pass soon

Thursday, 6 August 2009


These are the tools I am using at the moment. I hope they will not let me down and stand me in good stead for the next few months.
NintendoDS Pedometer and Walking book to get me out and increasing my step totals each week.
Scales, measuring cups and spoons to ensure I am keeping tight reign on the calories I am consuming. I have other tools that I may share with you some other time.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

This is my lunchtime salad today. I decided to start using the heart shaped bowl to remind myself to only eat foods that are good for me.
I built it up for a selection of salad leaves eg. lollo, romaine, and curly lettuce. With rocket, watercress and spinach. Second level was, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions.

Top level was bean salad, spicy cous cous and two slices of roast pork. It was delicious and very filling.
I hadn't planned to take the photo's but the camera was there so I thought I would give it a go. I am thinking of starting another blog as a food diary. After reading Tammy's blog today about the things we don't count the calories of. I was set to thinking, I take a few vitamins and mineral supplements daily but I haven't counted them? Maybe the odd biscuit in work, or a couple of crisps (chips). Some times a sweet goes in the mouth before the brain kicks in. So if I keep a visual food diary it may help me.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Walk For Kim

Titch and I went out at 8pm and walked quietly and sent out thoughts and prayers to Kim's family.

God Bless them and give them strength.

Tuesday:Feeling Sad

I came online full of thoughts about my evening and the meal we had. But as is my want, I went cruising other blogs. I clicked on I had read her sad news on Sunday about her mum, I was looking to see if there was any more news, there was and I am so impressed with the family and their love and forgiveness.

I am so moved by Jen and her family and how they are coping with the loss of her mum. The funeral is today and they will be walking their neighbourhood in her memory at 8pm. I don't now how far behind GMT they are but I am guessing they are at least five hours behind UK so that would be around 1am tomorrow morning our time. It is not practical for me to walk at 1am so I will be walking at 8pm this evening in memory of Kim and praying for her lovely family.

Rest in Peace Kim.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday Monday...

Back to work with a bang, you get there and within 10 minutes you feel like you never had a week off!

I had forgotten we are all going out for an Indian meal tonight, on of my colleagues has a new job and we are giving her a send off tonight. Trouble is Indian food is so delicious but so high calorie. I have had a low cal breakfast and lunch but I still don't think it will balance out tonight. I think I may have to borrow some of tomorrows allowance. I am not going to worry about it, I am going to enjoy the evening and balance the books in the next day or two.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Formby Beach

Today is the last day of our holiday. We have had a lovely week, the only thing that could have been better was the weather. But never mind, we are alive and well and have each other. Nothing else matters does it?

We drove to Formby Beach which is a National Trust property. The largest sand dunes in England and a great beach. We had a great times as did Titch. She played with a good few dogs and didn't disgrace herself once.

I had a great time walking along the beach, my legs were given a good workout by the different sand surfaces. We walked five and a half miles and by the time we got back to the car Titch and I were greatly relieved.
On the way back I went to visit the grave of a dear friend who passed away thirteen years ago on August 6th. I said a pray for her and for Jen's mum and Jen's family, they must be totally devastated. I also made a renewed promise to myself to make every day special. We never know the moment we will depart this earth and I have wasted too many years in depression and sadness. No more..

I am enjoying my life now, with my wonderful husband, he has given me so much strength anf courage to try things I would not even think of trying.
Life for me right now is FABULOUS
Pity I gotta go back to work tomorrow;0)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Weigh & Measure Day

Well here I am after a week of concerted healthy eating and lots more walking.
This photo was taken on Thursday morning. My husband had asked which jacket I wanted to take to take out. I told him my red one as it is the only one that fits me.
He suggested I try my blue one but I said no it is too tight. He insisted and the picture tells the rest:) This is a size 18 that I have not been able to get into for over two years. Guess who is a very happy lady?
I have lost two pounds this week.
I have lost one and a half inches from my bust this week.
I have lost one inch from my hips this week.
I have lost half an inch from my midriff this week.
Guess who is a happy lady?
I have been trying on clothes I haven't worn for ages that have been too tight for me.
I have gone from size 22/24 to size 18/20. The 20's are loose on me.
Guess who is a happy lady?