Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Monday Monday..

I had a good day, I ate healthily, didn't do the walking I had planned. But I am not fretting, because I was invited to my granddaughters summer production(American theme's coming in now) Pinocchio. Their daddy had to work to work:( so grandma got his ticket:) It was a lovely night and a pleasure to watch every child in the school giving their all. Pity the audience didn't.......

I have notice over time attending school shows and plays that the audience do not interact. People are so used to being entertained by the the tv where reaction is not needed. The audience last night had to be prompted to applaud, I found it very sad. The children tried so hard to get the audience to participate, by clapping or singing along. I tried but no one followed. It is so sad.

But the worse was yet to come, after the finale they children march off the stage to one of the songs from the show and this is the audience chance to stand and clap them off. What did this audience do? Well not all , but more than half, began to walk out while the children were on stage!!! I was disappointed and disgusted by this behaviour. What message is this sending to theses kids? You can try your hardest but we don't really care? My daughter was so embarrassed when I went into a rant when we left the school, she has not seen that sort of behaviour before and was at a loss as to what to say. I think something needs to be said.

Sorry to rant here but I need to let it go somewhere..

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Fat[free]Me said...

How lovely that you went to see the play, but how sad about the bad behaviour of some of the parents.

I think the Head should be talked to about this and a pre-play talk should be encouraged. Sheesh, gets to something when the parents need instructing how to behave!