Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sopping Wet Sunday

Well the weather did a turn for the worse today, rained constantly.

This morning we went to visit my youngest daughter in the midst of all the packing for their holiday, camping in South Wales from tomorrow. I hope the weather picks up for them.

Then we came home and pottered about for a while. I wanted to go for a walk but the rain was still pouring. So I did something I haven't done in a long time. I went to bed for a nap.... I have decided to start listening to what my body wants. Today it needed some sleep, as I am not sleeping too good at night. My hands are so painful that they wake me at least three times a night. So I went to bed with a book, fell asleep and two hours later woke feeling great.

We had pizza for tea tonight, it was delicious, I took a picture....390 calories with the salad:)
After tea I was getting frustrated about not going for a walk, so I took a big step for Sheilagh. Rain is no longer an excuse for not going walking. We went out and had a great walk for an hour:) 7,620 steps. I am feeling very positive at the moment and really want this feeling to last. I have heard and read about people getting twitched when they don't exercise, maybe I am getting there..LoL.


Tammy said...

That meal looks delicious! I love your list on the right, 60 things to do before you're 60....I totally need a list...I'm going to be thinking on that. :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, I get twitchy if I don't get a walk these days - great eh?