Thursday, 30 April 2009

Curry Night

Well I have tried to be good today as we are going out for a curry tonight. I was my boss's 40th birthday on Tuesday and as part of her ongoing celebration's, most of us from work are going for curry night at Wetherspoons (Cheap and cheerful that's us)

So today I had weetabix and banana for breakfast. Chicken salad for lunch, no snacks in between. So I am going out to enjoy my curry :)

It's been a bit manic in work today, swine flu being the main subject of discussion. We are having a team meeting on Tuesday, we as a nation, indeed as the world will know by then for sure if we have a pandemic.

Pray God we don't.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

325 Days and Counting

I did start a blog on my 59th birthday about heading for 60 and the journey to that momentous number. But the gremlins of cyberspace got me locked out. So here I am starting again....

It is now 325 day's to my 60th birthday and I am taking a happy and positive journey to it.

The plan is to lose 60 pounds along the journey, I have lost three so far:)
The plan is to get fitter along the way, walking and the Wii Board figure in this.
The plan is to love myself more, I have finally given myself permission to do so.
The plan is to have fun up to and after my Sixtieth.

They say senior citizens go into a second childhood......bring it on.

I have a list of things to do before I am sixty.
It has a variety of goals:

So I have a lot to do over the next 325 days, I need some encouragement....