Friday, 10 July 2009

Friday Evening Again....

I am feeling much better today and I think it was the vaccine that had me feeling so low.

The weeks are passing so quickly it is quite scary.

I promised myself I would not count down the weeks to my Sixtieth but 35 weeks tonight will be the eve of my birthday!!

I had better get a move on with the weight loss it is happening too slowly for my liking. I do not wish to be struggling in the weeks before to get to target. I would prefer to get there around Christmas which is 22 weeks today:0) (Thought I might just share that little gem)

Sixty before Sixty was and is my plan, so far I have lost twelve and a half pounds. So so slow...

I have done hardly any exercise this week so that needs stepping up good style. I need a fitness trainer or a walking buddy. That is my mission for next week, to persuade someone to come walking with me every night. Watch this space.


Sean Anderson said...

Awesome plan! You're doing incredible, you're going to hit the goal smack dab in the gut! You got this!



Fat[free]Me said...

I really think you need to relocate - up here! I need a walking buddy too!

Glad you are feeling a bit better - you will get there, I know you will!

Hugs x

Fat[free]Me said...

PS: Love the new header!