Monday, 13 July 2009

New Week, Fresh Start.

Well my weekend off was FaBuLouS, I had a the greatest time.

A lovely Saturday with my Gorgeous Girlie's.

A Super Sunday with my darling husband and Titch.

We had a great walk down by the River Mersey on a

beautiful sunny breezy day.

I know I gave myself the weekend off food wise, but looking back

on what we ate, it was quite healthy. So with the walk yesterday

and the overall eating, I decided to step on the scales this morning.

This is an (unofficial) weigh in..LoL I lost 1lb.

So I am back on track today.

Stepping up the exercise.

Stepping up the attitude.

Enjoying my food.

After reading Sean's blog entry about

300 days and 189lbs lost

(The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser)

I am inspired.

Today is 250 days to my birthday.

Surely I can loss my 60lbs in that time?

Watch this Space!!!


Sean Anderson said...

I know you can, you know you can!
You reminded me of Gene Pitney's "Ferry Cross The Mersey" Big river I bet, if you can ferry cross it!
You're doing fabulous! Your brain has changed. take a weekend "off" and you still eat well and lose a pound!!
That's real change. You got this.


Fat[free]Me said...

Sean is so funny - guess what song, I had in my head too?

That is brilliant news - another pound down and that is while relaxing - woo-hoo!