Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday Again!!!

Where on earth is the time going? No sooner does the week start than it finishes??
I had some sad news yesterday, my son came to see me in work. That in it's self is unusual, he never comes to my work, so I knew there was a problem. He came to let me know the Cally our family dog had died yesterday morning. She was only nine and always been a healthy dog. She just collapsed in the garden and was gone...

David, my son, couldn't remember how old she was. He was surprised I was able to tell him without thinking that she was nine. I don't know how but I can always remember dates and ages of people, pets and places. Remembering when we got Cally made me realise how fast time is passing. We got her from the RSPCA in February 2009. I thought getting a dog would help my then husband to get out of the depression he was suffering. He was in denial of any problems and I was doing my best, stuggling to cope with the situation.

Cally was a lovely distraction, a cute little pup, who could romp up the stairs, but couldn't fathom out how to get back down. She grew into a lovely crossbreed dog. An affectionate, adorable, funny member of the family. Our grandchildren could do anything with her and she adored them.

We have elderly dogs in our family, Banjo a westie belonging to my eldest daughter, is fifteen. Ella a collie belonging to my youngest daughter is fourteen. I expected them to go well before Cally.

It brings it home that we never know when when our time on earth will end. We should never assume we are here for four score years and ten. We see examples every day of lives cut short, the young soldiers being brought home in coffins from Afghanistan, the six year old who died with swine flu this week. But we see it and it is sad but removed from us. It is when death touches us personally it sparks thoughts of our own mortality.

You could say "But this is just a dog" yes she was just a dog, she was our dog, and she was in her prime of life but she died.

Time is flying, time is not on our side, time is running out, how many times do we hear or say these words. Cally has made me stop and think. I have got to stop procrastinating, I must get my lists done and ready to tick off. I started a list of sixty things to do before I am sixty. It is languishing in a notebook somewhere. I need to get it out and complete it and act upon it. Not just until I am sixty but for the rest of my life.

God Bless You Cally, you brought love laughter and joy with you. You taught me a valuable lesson yesterday. Hope you are playing with Henry.


Fat[free]Me said...

Aw, sorry to hear about Cally - poor thing. You are right, we have no idea how long we have in this life and that is partly what held me back in the past. I often thought, "why bother, I could be dead next week" , but now I think, "heck, I could be dead next week, so I must do it NOW!".

Yeah, get that list out - I want to see it and I bet I am not the only one!

Sean Anderson said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. Blessings to you and yours my friend.

My best