Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I have not been sleeping well lately and I am am up all hours of the night and my thoughts get to go all over the place. Last night I was thinking  and feeling "Why Me?" 
Why does Ralph sleep like a baby from the moment he says goodnight?
Why do I get all sleepy whilst reading, but as soon as I put the book away..PING..I am wide awake.

Then I read a post on Facebook and it really made me sit up and consider "Why Not Me?"  Okay we as a family have had a couple of rough years, but we are all still here.  There are people who are struggling and holding on to loved ones knowing they will not be with them for much longer. But these people are so positive and loving and caring of other folk.

If you are on Facebook, look at "Claudia's Cause"

I learnt a lesson there and then and will from now on try to be positive and giving. Small baby steps to begin with...

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
- Dr Wayne Dyer

Monday, 5 August 2013

Future Plans

Future plans, thats what I said I would write about wasn't it? Well where do I begin.  I was due to retire at the end of this month, but I chicken'd out. Several reasons but mainly because if left in my own company too long I go into that deep dark place called depression and I don't want to go there again. I will think about retirement again the year before Ralph is due to do so 2016 for him, so I have two years as long as I have my health and strength and sanity (working for the NHS does things to your sanity).

My eldest daughter is moving back to Runcorn by the end of August. She has been a RAF wife for 22 years. Her husband comes out next February but they want to get settled before the academic year begins in September.  So it will be great to have all four of my children and their families all living within a seven mile radius.

Ralph and I have strated a two year plan for refurbishing and redecorating "The Shoebox" and some of the decorating will begin next week.  The living room is the first to be stripped, papered and painted.  I will have to take some before and after photo's to record Ralph's progress...I just make the coffee.

Six weeks and four days from now I will be flying out to New York, New York with my bestest friend in the whole wide world Trish. We have been wanting to do this trip for a long time and now it is nearly here.  I ordered a new suitcase especially for the trip last week and it arrived today.  It is so light I can pick it up with  my little finger. It is in my favourite colour too, PURPLE, it makes me smile to look at it.

We are looking forward to meeting up with the lovely Buttercup, Trish can't wait to meet her.  I had the pleasure three years ago, and I am really looking forward to some more "Buttercup Time".

Thats all for now folks ;)

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Just a quick update from where I left thing hanging a few months ago.

Ralph's throat/breathing problems turned out out to be a gastric problem He is now on medication for it.  We were very puzzled as to how gasping for breath and choking on your words were to do with stomach, but the meds work so we are very happy.

Ralph has had a further eye operation which was very successful, his consultant has not ruled out further surgery, we we find out in October, we believe the power of prayer has played a big part in the management and recovery of this eye problem and we thank everyone who has kept us in their prayers.

Conor is home from Afghanistan and having a tough time coping with the after effects of six months in a war zone. Suffice to say, I am very glad he is on home ground, but I don't think he is in a safe place as yet.

My son in law Mike has been discharged from hospital care with a clean bill of health after is brain hemorrhage last year and we celebrated his 41st birthday two weeks ago.

Both Clair and I have been this week for our skin cancer checks, I go back in six months and Clair, three months.  So all is good there.

So again the power of prayer and the support of family and friends have carried my family through and I am now hoping for a positively positive future for all of us.

Tomorrow I will write about my future plans...