Thursday, 16 July 2009

Quiet Around Here

Nothing much to report today.

Healthy eating continues to be a pleasure.
Never, ever in my life did I think that I would be
eating bowls of beans and saying they were delicious.
But they are:0)

I am so enjoying preparing and eating salads. I love the
summer months and the abundance of fresh vegetables, salads and fruits.

My eating habits are changing out of all recognition and it is great.
I am hardly eating meat at all now. I am enjoying fresh fish as it should be,
not battered from the chippy. Though I still enjoy sharing a portion of fish and chips
with my husband as an occasional treat.
Sat down by the river on a summer evening, nothing like it...
The seagulls get most of the chips!!

I am being gentle with myself as far as exercise is concerned, walking most evenings
and dancing round the house doing housework with Tina Turner blasting out.
The Nordic Walker has been put away for the time being as I find
it is the cause of my back flare ups. When I feel up to it I will do more
Pilates and see how that goes.

For the moment I am happy with my lot, food and exercise wise. I had a "Lightbulb Moment" and realised this body of mine is a little older than a certain friend of mine. I cannot expect to be even one quarter as active has her after many years of inactivity. So I will carry on being inspired but slowly..LOL

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Fat[free]Me said...

LOL - Housework, um, what is that??

Yeah, do what you can - no point trying to keep up with the young uns, hee-hee!

Seriously though, when I started, I was half-dead most of the time. I could only walk half a mile, could only do 5 mins on the cross-trainer, was in constant pain, didn't sleep properly and my chest hurt when I rode the exercise bike. Gradually, bit by bit it has improved, but not overnight. So stick with it, you will see results!

Hugs x