Saturday, 11 July 2009

Super Saturday

I have had a great day today.

It didn't start off so good, I got weighed and for the third week running I have not lost weight.
After throwing the scales against the wall (Joking) I had a chat with my darling and felt better about it, he says he can see the difference the inches I have lost have made:) He also pointed out I have not been feeling too good this week and have probably not eaten enough. So after giving him a huge hug and big kisses I decided that today I was going to eat what I felt like and just relax about food.

We have spent the day with three delightful little girls, Jaz ,Jess and Emily, my gorgeous granddaughters. My youngest daughter is poorly with a bad ear infection so we took her two girls off her hands and Jazmine one of my other grandchildren came along too.
We had a great time, at the park, at the RSPCA looking at some gorgeous dogs who so need good homes. Then we went to Pizza Hut, Emily age 5 chose Pizza Hut, the other two and DH wanted McDee's but Emily won.

I was very good, had a scrumptious salad and a small Margarita pizza. I resisted a dessert until Emily couldn't finish her ice cream... We had a great time in there, the girls were so good and so chatty, I didn't want it to end.

We then went to do some food shopping in Sainsburys, lots of health stuff again, salads and fruit.
Again the girls were great, no "I'm bored's" or anything like that. When we got back home, they all took Titch for a walk and I had a power nap!!

Then it was play time on the Wii and toasties for tea, yes I had one and it was delicious.
We took the girls home at 8pm, then went to Asda for some Twister lollies 40 calories each...Fabulous. Will be going back for more while they are on offer:)

So here I am 11pm Saturday night with my cup of tea, relaxing and feeling very happy.

The 60 x 60 campaign will begin again in earnest on Monday. This weekend I am chillin;)


F. McButter Pants said...

Sounds like just a lovely day. no fighting or whinning from grandkids....priceless! I spent the day with my 3 year greandson. Being a grandma is better then I ever dreamed.

Hit hard again come monday. Great attitude about the NUMBER on the scale. Sometimes I forget it's just a number!!!

Fat[free]Me said...

What a lovely sounding day you had! I bet you feel better after a bit of a rest from the old routine.

Sounds like although you are relaxing, you have half an eye on your diet too - well done you!

Those Twisters are just lovely - it is quite x-rated the way I eat them, lol!

Sean Anderson said...

Wonderful Saturday!!

Happy for you, because you're doing this so wonderfully.