Saturday, 25 July 2009

Starbucks Treat

We went window shopping today, looking for a sofa bed. We went to a favourite retail park at Speke on the outskirts of Liverpool. We had a lovely afternoon. We had our usual stop at Borders, heaven to book addicts such as myself.

We went upstairs to Starbucks, I have deliberately avoided the place since starting my 60 x 60 regime. But we are on holiday and my husband loves their Caramel Frappachino so I treated him:0)

Now usually when we are there, I have a grande deluxe hot chocolate with swirls of cream on the top and we have two cakes between us. Today because he is supporting me 120% in this healthy eating/activity week,we shared one of everything.

A steak pannini
A Skinny Raspberry and Peach Muffin
A Frappachino, which I won't be having again because it gave me such an ice headache...
The calorie value of which was 484.
It was a treat, we enjoyed it and I am not fretting about it. The rest of the day was calorie heaven and fabulously tasty.


Sean Anderson said...

I love those too!! I haven't had one in ages, but I bet I do now!!!

Nice attitude...I love it! You're doing fantastic---seriously fantastic. Everytime someone mentions Liverpool I think of the Fab Four!! The Beatles!!! Love'em. Is is like a Beatles Heaven there? Shops, monuments and such?

Nice job---

My best
and thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog!


Fat[free]Me said...

Splitting the treats is a great idea - you get to enjoy lovely stuff and keep within your calories. Clever!

So, what books did you buy, huh?