Saturday, 28 November 2009

What a Day.

Fabulous Day with Gorgeous Granddaughters.

I am sat here very tired but very happy, we have had a Great Day with the Two Jays.
The house looks like a hurricane hit, but boy did we have FUN.
Christmas cards made, scrapbooks starting to bulge a little. They are really getting into it now.
So much so we have a list of subjects to cover  for the next twelve months.

My darling husband was great too, he is so good with the girls.  He was showing them how Braille works, they were facinated and went home with sheets of paper with their names and messages for their parents spelt out in Braille.

I can't believe how good I have been food wise, I am so focussed I haven't had any treats at all today. All day with the grandkids and not falling down, I am so proud of me:0)

Mood and Food Excellent


266 said...

I am proud of you too!

Fat[free]Me said...

Sounds great - I am so glad you enjoyed yourself!

And well done on being so focussed - I am proud of you too x

Accidental carer said...

They are enough of a tonic for you, glad it was good xxxxx