Friday, 27 November 2009

Friday Evening...

It is a cold wet and miserable evening here, the weather has been atrocious this week.
The sort of weather that usually gets me reaching for hot, stodgy, comfort food.
Not this week though, I have been really focused on my food, I have been satisfied
on healthy, delicious low calorie meals. I am really pleased with me;0)
I need to get the exercise sorted though, I am still avoiding the gym.
Been using the Wii fitboard but not as often as I should,
my back and hip are holding me back.I need to get to the doctors and ask for an xray,
I am beginning to think I may need a hip replacement.

The weekend starts tonight at 9pm when my darling gets home from work. We are
having my girlies for scrapbooking and Christmas card making tomorrow so it will be
Fun Fun Fun all the way tomorrow.  Sunday I would like to get out walking depending
on the weather. I so want to be in Onederland for Christmas so I need to step up the
exercise any which way.

Mood and Food Excellent.


Accidental carer said...

Sounds good -keep focussed- obviously very productive- things are going well - really proud of you and love you loads xxxxxxxxx

F. McButter Pants said...

Ok my dear Friend! Being in Onederland by Christmas would be awesome. Remember though, you are doing great, feeling lots better and ENJOYING your life while you do it. That sounds like a weight loss super hero to me!

Sounds like a fun weekend. You should be very proud of yourself..

Fat[free]Me said...

I am so proud of you too!

You are doing great and I am glad you have such a lovely weekend ahead of you. Our skies are blue, so I fully intend to be outside (well wrapped up of course - it is freezing!).

Onederland by Christmas - go for it!