Sunday, 22 November 2009


I don't know what to say, I am absolutely gobsmacked at the reaction to my wanting to leave this
weird and wacky,wonderful place.
Thank you to everyone who commented, emailed, texted and telephoned me,
you really are wonderful folk.
 I have had a really bad 24 hours, riding an emotional rollercoaster
 of sadness, fear, frustration and eating crap.

I believe all is well now and the problem
I believed there was, is no longer.
I will continue albeit in a more
 subdued manner with my blog.
Thank you Sean, that is all I will say here,
we have been in touch and things are good.

Tomorrow is a new day, a clean slate, a fresh page.

Bring it On


dawne said...

You are a mature, wise woman. I'm glad you're still in my blog world! Now, stop eating doesn't solve a thing!!!! :)

266 said...

Yay! I'm so glad that things worked out! Wonderful to have you staying in blogland!

Accidental carer said...

Hello darling love you loads xx

Beth said...

Reading this is a great way to start my day!

*fitcetera* said...

This is great to hear, Sheilagh!

NaN said...

I'm happy too- for one thing, we are about the same age and let's face it, most bloggers are youngsters LOL. I love your accent- don't you hate it when people say that heehee? My family and I visited London and the countryside many years ago and just loved it. We stayed in a B&B and met some charming people. I like your 60 by 60 list too- mine is a lot different but same idea!

Sean Anderson said...


I'm so happy to read this. I can't thank you enough for the support you've given my entire family along our journey. And remember, you always have mine.
You're such a wonderful inspiration to so many.
Hold on to your motivating thoughts. Hold tight to the fundamentals of weight loss with a firm grip on the often times tricky mental exercises that have given you success along this road. You're so wonderfully human. A very precious gem to many of us.

Have a wonderful week my friend.

My best always,

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I just found your blog, so I'm glad you decided not to leave! The blog world can be like the real world... everyone here isn't perfect and people can get hurt. It is also an amazingly supportive, caring community.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have decided to stay! I joined your blog the day before you decided to leave it!! I had a sad! I have no idea what the ordeal was about, but it's been wonderful to see all the support, and friends that were here to encourage you! I started following your blog from Fat(free)Me's blog. You both are true inspirations!