Monday, 16 November 2009

Some photo's from the Crab Apple Retreat.

Top left are the "Going In Girls"
As we named ourselves.
Vicky,  Me, Judy, Trish.
Estella and Sue.

Top right at Tracy, Trish and Debbi.

Bottom left The lovely Rosemary and myself.

Bottom Right, Nige and two groupies;0)

I will be putting other photo's on my other two blogs


I am  feeling inspired to get some crafting done especially now I have my new toy.

My mood and food have been great today, long may it last.


Tina xx said...

Hiya Sheilagh

Just had a look at your work. Very impressive !! Would love to try myself. Glad you had a great time x x x

F. McButter Pants said...


Love the pics!

Get crafty!

Fat[free]Me said...

Great photos! I am so glad you had a wonderful time - I kinda knew you would,lol!

Oooh, new toy.... rushes off to read last post...

VRaz60 said...

What a wonderful time you all must have had. The smiles on your faces tell the story!!!