Friday, 20 November 2009

Leaving Blog Land

It is with a very heavy heart I wish to say I am leaving blog land.

After my middle of the night post last night and talking about friends I will never meet, I now realise when you have an impression of friendship, it isn't the real thing. It never will be.

I have made a mistake thinking I was comforting a "friend" but my words of comfort have been used to hurt someone I have admired and been inspired by for the length of time I have been in Blogland.

I have learnt a lesson about trust in this weird cyber space world and it is not to trust.

I wish you all the very best of health and happiness.

God Bless.



Tammy said...

Sheilagh!! Wait...don't leave!! I know a bit about what you're talking about, I just don't have the whole story yet....I've got to run next door to mom's house...we're having Thanksgiving dinner tonight because she's going out of town next week to see family in FL...but I just texted with the person you're referring to, and they're very upset because it wasn't your comment that they were referring was someone else's!! And they can't get to a computer to email you and explain everything until tomorrow!! If you want to email me at my gmail account on my blog, I'll explain more when I get home in a couple of hours....please email me!!

VRaz60 said...

I know not what of you speak, but I, for one, would miss you if you were to leave us. I cannot imagine anything a kind, caring person such as yourself could possibly do to make you want to leave the blogosphere. Please reconsider!!!

Angie P said...

let things calm down...don't leave

*fitcetera* said...

Please don't leave, Sheilagh. You're a bright spot in this crazy sphere. We need kindness and goodhearted people among us.
I hope you reconsider and stay.
I don't know what's happened but I agree with Angie P.

{{{Big Hugs}}} and Kisses XXXXX

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. I think there are issues of trust when you are dealing with people in real life. We've all been let down by a friend in real life - that doesn't mean you should pull away from all the other friendships you have.

Obviously we have to protect ourselves in cyberspace - but that goes for real life too. It actually isn't that much different. Because on the end of every blog is a real life human being.

I hope you reconsider.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

dawne said...

I am often shocked by the drama in Blogland. Maybe you have learned a trust issue with "friends', but it doesn't have to be "all or nothing". How about putting up healthy boundaries in regards to what you share with who, who you support etc, but still glean from the wonderful free therapy of blogging? If you choose to leave, please know I will pray for you as you continue on your journey towards health and towards faith.


F. McButter Pants said...

I am so sorry tis has happened to you. If you do stop blogging at least let me email you. I hope you reconsider. I love getting to share your life.


Beth said...

Please don't leave, you would be greatly missed. Please email me so I know how to contact you, my email is on my profile.

Accidental carer said...

What has happened? Why are you upset? What did I not see? Stay darlin -just look at your posts- these people are like penfriends in the old days and you would not have stopped writing to all of them if one was upsetting to you would you. Talk to me but think about it again. You need to continue to inspire and be inspired . Please stand back from it and think for a few days. Love you xxxx

266 said...

Sheilagh, I hope that you know you would be greatly missed if you decided to leave blogland for good. Truly, I think that you are the kindest commenter I have ever had and I hope you will reconsider. Regardless, I wish you nothing but the best. Hugs!

Sean Anderson said...

Dear Sheilagh,

It would absolutely break my heart if you left blogland. The benefits of weight loss blogging is something that has changed my life. I feel horrible and responsible for this. Please accept my sincere apologies. Please.

I'm searching for your e-mail now. I will be in contact soon my friend.

And I understand we're "blog friends," and Sheilagh--you're one of my best. Thank you for your tremendous support of my entire family. You're a gem. Don't leave. Your story and your success has inspired so many and continues to inspire. Thank you.

Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson said...

Please check your e-mail my friend.