Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ready Set Go...Let the Fun Begin

Bags are packed and I a rearing to go.  Three days of fun with my Bezzy Mate and seventy other like minded women. At a delightful hotel in the Cheshire countryside.

With the lovely Rosemary Merry and her nutter of a husband Nige from Crab Apple Crafts.

Rosemary is responsible for my addiction to paper and rubber.  I came across her shop ten years ago and bought my first rubber stamp, now thousands of pounds later she still is the feeder of my addiction, but she does it so well.  She is a really lovely lady and deserves ever success. (Nicest Craft Presenter on QVC too)

I am taking my laptop with me and I hope to post a couple of times from the hotel.  If not I will catch up on Sunday evening.  Hope you have as great a weekend as I know I am going to have:)


VRaz60 said...

Have a wonderful time.

266 said...

I’m finally trying to catch up!!! It’s wonderful to hear about how close you are with your grandchildren and how much you enjoy spending time with them. I am very sorry to hear that there is a rift in your family though; I very much hope that things will eventually be patched up for you and yours. Congratulations on another Gorgeous Blog Award… I loved hearing about your connection with rainbows in your interesting things list. I know you are feeling frustrated about the slowness of your weight decreases, but I think you are doing great. You even got into those 18’s, remember? Just keep at it and don’t even think about giving up! I’m also so, so happy that you managed to ignore that mean ol’ Mars Bar, by the way! Hope you are enjoying a nice getaway!

F. McButter Pants said...

Have a great time! Can't wait for the report and pics.

Congrats on the loss yesterday. One pound is one poound!