Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pudsey and Pal's

Pudsey came home on Friday,"Children in Need Night"
He was delighted to find a few new friends and insisted on having his photo taken with each of them.
(Don't tell him there are a lot more in the house he hasn't met yet!)
So here they are Pudsey and Pal's from top to bottom.
1. Pudsey alone.
2. Pudsey and Andy from Stirling.
3. Pudsey and Tino.
4. Pudsey and  Ted
5. Pudsey and Ikkle Bear.
6. Pudsey and Handy.
7. Pudsey and Golly.
8. Pudsey and Winnie
9. A tight squeeze now that Pudsey has moved in.
10. Still a tight sqeeze....
11. Phew thats better, we need a bigger basket.

Just bit of fun on a night when the rain is bucketing down and the wind is blowing a gale.
The weather is being atrocious this week, but we have nothing to complain about considering the plight of the people of Cumbria. They say the rainful has been of biblical proportions over Cumbria and the pictures really look that way. They have a lot to cope with over the the next few months, God Bless them.

Food and Mood still Excellent!!

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