Sunday, 22 November 2009

Simple Sunday

We have had a really lovely Sunday and I am so grateful for it.
I slept until 9:45, unheard of for years, I am always awake by 7am. I have been having trouble sleeping for quite a while now. My darling  bought me some St Johns Wort on Friday after reading it aids sleep.
I had not heard of this, I knew it was known as the herbal Prozac, I told him in no uncertain terms that I am not depressed. So he showed me the article which made no mention of drepression.I took on one Friday night around 8pm  I slept ok. I took the three per day recommneded dose yesterday still not believing it would work.  But when I woke this morning I was amazed, I felt so well rested and everything looked brighter. I am still cautious about claiming these little capsules as a miracle cure, but I am going to review the sleep situation weekly and see how it goes.

We had a relaxed morning with a delicious breakfast. 

I had a lovely long natter with my eldest daughter on the phone making arrangements for Christmas. Then we went to the cinema to see 2012 this afternoon. No popcorn, no sweets, no nothing, just holding hands;0)  Good movie, the special effects are spectacular. The trailers for other films throughout December now have us planning to see at least on film per week in December.

When we got back, we made a delicious meal between us and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now we are just relaxing before another busy week begins tomorrow.  I love these simple days, relaxed, no stress, completely happy and totally loved.  I am so blessed.


Accidental carer said...

That sounds lovely xx

*fitcetera* said...

So good to hear you had a nice sleep.
Food today looks delicious.
Also great to hear you had a lovely day, Sheilagh.

I'm also planning on some movies for the month of December as well as Christmas concerts around town.
Do you go to Christmas concerts?

VRaz60 said...

So glad to hear you've rejoined us here in blogland. It sounds as tho' your weekend was a lovely one. We, too, are planning on a movie date each week, or at least more frequently. Seems winter is the best movie viewing time. Have a wonderful week.