Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy St David's Day

Happy St David's Day.

This is the day that herald's Spring for me. But the Daffodil's are late this year do to the unusally cold weather.  That should mean that there will be a glourious showing for Easter, my favourite holiday.  It is a time for repentance, renewal and rebirth and I love it.
But that is a month away so back to
St David's Day. 
My son is called David John and his name means
David-Beloved John-Gift of God.
He IS my beloved son.

St David is the Patron Saint of Wales
so the Daffodils and Leeks  should be on show today.

My day has started well, been to the gym
had a really good workout with Lee
(think he has a bit of a sadistic streak)
I recall watching Biggest Loser
and the contestant's were throwing up while exercising....
I came close to it, so I must be doing it right...LOL

Have a Great Day Everyone


Julia Dunnit said...

Wow, Sheilagh, personally I'd say you're overdoing it. You will tell Lee if you feel like that won't you? But good for you. All I could muster up was a stroll round the village.

Anonymous said...

I dunno--I think exercising so hard that you're almost throwing up may be a bit too hard. I don't think Biggest Loser should be our standard. chuckle. Unless we're in for winning $100,000, that is.

Have a Happy St. David's day--I have family from Wales. :D