Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sore So Sore

Oh boy am I sore...My thighs, bum and tum ache like I have never known.  I did do exercise that I have never done before, so my body is going to complain isn't it?  So my plans to go to the gym every day are revises, rest day for the muscles today and to the gym tomorrow.

Another bright Spring day here today, long may it continue, it does lift the spirit and the soul doesn't it?
Going to work in daylight is a great boost and next week I will be coming home in daylight too Fabulous!

Well I am off to do some scrapbooking before work.
This project for my favourite doctor is coming together nicely now.

Have a Great Day;o)


266 said...

Better to revise than to hurt yourself! Good job on working yourself so hard at the gym.

Weighting Around said...

You must have had quite a workout. Good for you!
Now let those muscles repair and rebuild and then keep at it!

Sean Anderson said...

Very nice my friend. You need a rest day. The muscles must have a rest day! I hope the soreness subsides soon.
I think it's very cool that you have a favorite doctor! I have one now too! Funny, I never did before---I guess because they always insisted on telling me the truth...and I didn't want to hear it!
Thank you for your inspiration my friend.

My best always

cmoursler said...

Great job on the workout! Enjoy the scrapbooking.

F. McButter Pants said...

Hope your bum feels better!

accidental carer said...

Do you miss your bath when you feel like that? Hope you feel better after tomorrows session. I am like that without exercise - had xray on right knee today - 10 days for results. Wanted to ask her if I have an excuse to take it easy but no sense of humour really. But I might just take it upon myself to take it easy anyway . You still strokin that bag??
see you next week love you xx

spunkysuzi said...

:) I also have a sore butt this week! Yep a day of rest definitely won't hurt.