Sunday, 28 February 2010

Where Did That Weekend Go?

Last time I looked it was Friday evening and now it is Sunday evening!!
It's been a great weekend but gone so fast.                                                                                           
My Two J's came for a crafting day on Saturday, we were supposed  to  finish of their
Mother's Day gifts but it looks like we will need
a couple of after school sessions. We are part way there
but still some work to do before assembling them.  But we
had loads of fun and lots of giggles and laughter, the best tonic in the world. If I could bottle it, I would be richer than 
The Coca Cola Company. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls work space's, not too messy really.  You should see it when I am working on a project....

Today was Ralph's day, he is on his short weekend so as he had to cope with the girls and myself yesterday. I said he could choose what we do today. He suggested Cheshire Oak's Outlet Village....  Yes my husband wanted to go shopping...I love this man!!

We had a very nice time, three hours wondering around the shops, stopping for coffee at Starbucks, have missed that since Borders closed. We bought a few bit's and pieces and I got an early birthday present. I have been looking for a new handbag that would do me for work and for weekends and I found it today.
I saw it, picked it up, stroked it, looked at the price and put it back. My husband asked why, I said it was too expensive and he looked at the price tag and said "I will buy it for you". There then followed a five minute conversation about I have never spent that much on a handbag and had no intention of now or of letting him either.  Guess who won?

I have never had a handbag that came in it's own bag.
It is the beautiful red colour in the blurred photo, the other two look brown, but the light in the bedroom was not very bright when Ralph
 took the other two photo's. After I got twitch about my blurred  photos.  I think my camera is dying.
I am not the type of person who talks about money anf the cost of thingsbut I will just say the most expensive bag I have ever bought myself was £39.00.  This bag was more than three times that.  I am still in shock and not sure I can use it for work, but if I don't it defeats the reasons for buying it in the first place.

Ralph has just looked over my shoulder as I am typing and said "It is for everyday use and I am worth it"....I love that man:o)
My eating has left a lot to be desired this weekend, but all will be well from tomorrow morning. I'm at the gym every morning starting tomorrow at 8:30 when I have my second session with Lee.  Then it will be 7:30 until Friday.  Friday is a rest day as that is when we are having a family get together for Conor. I have all my meals planned and I am positive I will have a good weight loss this week.

Mood = Great
Food = Will be Better

Today I am Grateful for:

The priveledge of enjoying my hobbies and sharing with my grandchildren.
The knowledge that I have family and very dear friends I can count on.
The generosity of heart and mind and wallet of my darling husband.



F. McButter Pants said...

My weekend went by really fast too. The bag is lovely and your hubs is a keeper.

Who knew Gkids would be this fun, right?? Glad you enjoyed yourself.

dawne said...

Happy pre-Birthday! I truly think you have found a winner in Ralph! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend and that you are motivated to stay on track with your eating this week.

spunkysuzi said...

Your Ralph reminds me of my Ralph :) Sorry the weekend went too fast, my weekend starts tomorrow!

Tammy said...

Awwwww....he's such a sweetheart. I'm glad you two found each other. I love the bag, and your man is are SO worth it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lovely post! And what a lovely purse, too! Do use it. I fall into the habit of 'saving things for good.' Which really means that someone will have some very nice things to use when I'm dead! How silly that is. Use it and enjoy it.

Happy for your wonderfull weekend!


anne h said...

Weekend - wait!
Where did the MONTH go?

accidental carer said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me- yes tou are worth it lots of people know that love you loads xxxxxxxxxxx

accidental carer said...

BTW like the blackberry snook into the picture- do you like it?? xx