Monday, 8 March 2010

My Emily is Still Very Poorly

There has been a slight improvement
and spirits have been lifted a little.
She is a little fighter and I am am so proud of Emily
and her Mummy and Daddy and big sister Jessica.
They are being so strong for Em and for all of the family

Emily's Pottassium levels are now in the normal range.
She has had two blood transfusions and is still on dialysis.

Emily is like Sleeping Beauty, drifting in and out and smiling
at our chatter, hugs and kisses. She  is so tiny,
one wonders where she is getting the strength from.
She is proof of the power of Pray and Healing Thoughts.

Thank you so very much for your comments,
I knew I could rely on my blog friends
as well as my real time family and friends.
Please continue to offer up thoughts and prayers
for this delightful little girl and her lovely little family.


Sam said...

Glad you're getting little glimmers of hope. Fingers crossed that she will continue to improve. Thinking of you and yours. Sam xx

266 said...

My thoughts continue to be with all of you during this difficult time, Sheilagh. May your beautiful granddaughter be blessed with a speedy recovery and you and your family be brought peace of mind for her health very soon. Hugs!!!

Tina xx said...

My thoughts are with you and your family Sheilagh. What a beautiful little poppet. I hope she continues to make a very quick recovery. Bless her x

Sean Anderson said...

My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you and that precious little girl.

Thinking of you during this difficult time,


Buttercup said...

My heart is with you and Emily and all of you are in my prayers!

accidental carer said...

Watching and waiting is hard even for me so far away and not knowing how it is going xx