Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Weigh in Wednesday

Yes I did it...put on 7.5lb's....feeling uncomfortable now, don't want to be eating rubbish any more.
It was fun to party, it carried on again today, loads of cake and biscuits but it didn't do anything for me.
We are now off work for six days now and want to get back to simple real food.  Ralph went shopping this afternoon and stocked up on salad and fruit.  So it is back to the good stuff for us now.

I have been trying to put together the story of my weekend but there is so much to tell you I don't know where to start? I will start the tale tomorrow and may finish in a

Thank you so very much to Dawne at (365 Days to A New Me) for a fabulous new award:o)
I am delighted to have the award and for her comment about me, thank you Dawne you are a lovely, lovely girl:o)

I will post it tomorrow and follow the instructions carefully:o)

I am going to order my new shed tomorrow and then the fun begins, decanting all my stuff out of my current shed, into the shoebox(we won't be able to move!!) This is so Ralph can move the current shed to make room for the new one.  I am NOT looking forward to it.

Off to bed now..Good night God Bless.


dawne said...

It's not a real 7 pounds of fat. It will come off quickly! It's just that high because of the junk, but it can't be 7 real pounds of actual fat. I won't believe it! Back to eating healthy and it will come off quickly!

spunkysuzi said...

Back to fruit and veggies, you'll soon have those extra lbs off! Glad you had a great weekend.

Sam said...

You had a good time and enjoyed yourself, now you're back on track, those lbs will soon shift.

Good luck with the shed.

accidental carer said...

So now that you realise that healthy food is actually nicer you won't be tempted again will you. I need to get my head around that after comforting cottage pie chips and peas last night then Daim bar cake and ice cream. It was lovely but I think salad and fruit would have tasted just as nice and done less harm.
Now the weather is warming up I think it is easier not to need comfort food. Good for Ralph- he can do my shopping list for me too please. Remember I am a veggie Ralph.
Good luck with the shed; make sure you get the contents just where you want them or you will be like me forever changing things around to get it right. This is a good opportunity to fulfil the plan. Missing you lots after spending so much quality time with you over the last couple of weeks. Guess you won't be at Wylfa on Sunday?? We all hope you will.
Still need some more available dates from you for Rhiwafallen and Wrexham.
The sun is shining and I am smiling thinking about you. What more could I ask for xxxxxxxxx

266 said...

Can't wait to hear all about your week! Don't worry too much about the gain - a lot of it will just be bloat and will melt off. Just keep moving forward now and you will be fine!