Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Little Emily

My youngest grandchild, the daughter of my youngest child, has been admitted to hospital this morning. She has been poorly with  vomiting bug for two weeks and is now like a little lifelelss rag doll.  My medical head is telling me a couple of hours on a drip and she will be fine. My Mother/Grandma heart is aching and I am worried for her.

Please if you are a believer can I ask you offer a little prayer for a delightful little girl.

Thank you.


VRaz60 said...

There is no more helpless feeling than watching a child go through an illness. I will be keeping Emily and your family in my thoughts and prayers. All the very best to you, and to Emily.

midlife_swimmer said...

she will be in our thoughts and prayers.... Be well Emily!

Anonymous said...

Have just prayed--will continue to pray. Keep us posted! Deb

accidental carer said...

Will be thinking of you all; the drip will work wonders- Elaine went through it a couple of years ago with both her girls one after the other and they rallied round so quickly - love you all xx

Rettakat said...

Yes, just prayed, too. And for you, too, dear concerned Grandma.

spunkysuzi said...

sorry i just got in and read this!! I've already read that she has gone home, thank goodness. You must have been very worried.
Glad all is well and that she continues to get better.