Sunday, 28 March 2010

Saturday Sentiments and Sunday Sunshine and Scrappy Bit's!!

Saturday night was quite an emotional one. The senior partner at the practice I work at, is retiring on March 31st. We girl's in reception took him  and his lovely wife out for a meal last night.  It was a very enjoyable evening the food and the company were excellent.  He was delighted with the framed photo's we presented to him. Wait till he gets the scrapbook on Wednesday, I hope he will be more than delighted:o)

When we arrived at the restaurant, there were flower arrangements at each place setting except five. He and his wife had arranged for each of us to have a small gift from them, it was a lovely thought and we were very emotional.
It was a very pleasant evening that will be talked about for a long long time. 

The clocks went forward this morning, so a late night followed by an early morning start, minus one hour, was a bit of a struggle this morning.  It was worth it, we drove to Anglesey so I could join Trish's crop and Ralph could go walking. It was a perfect day for walking, a sunny first day of British Summer Time so Ralph had a great day. I had a lovely day having a natter with Sam, Pat and Trish, this was a very small group today and it was great.  Only trouble was, not much scrapbooking was done.. I have my work cut out ttomorrow..

We then went back to Trish and Phil's for coffee, it is their 41st wedding anniversary tomorrow.  If ever any marriage was an example of living the vow's this one is. Phil is Brain Injured after an accident seven years ago and life and marriage changed  in a split second for them.It has been a difficult seven years, but love always triumph's in their home. 
Trish is a loving devoted wife
and carer, a doting and giving mum and nana,
a loving and
 supportive friend and I am so proud of her.

It is wonderful to have such friends.
Happy Anniversary Fish &Trill


Marie said...

Happy Anniversary to Fish and Trill. I love a story with a happy ending. How wonderful that this couple's love for each other was able to overcome what could have been a tragedy! xxoo

accidental carer said...

This is beautiful darling thank you. You help me cope with this life. You listen to my ramblings; you clarify my thoughts and you let me know that whatever I am thinking is ok. Could not have done this seven years without you. I adore you my soul sister xxx