Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Weigh in Wednesday Didn't Happen

Weighing in is the last thing on my mind at present, but I am sure I have put weight on.
We haven't ate a proper meal since Emily took ill. it's been a sandwich here and there or beans on toast. 
I cannot recall eating anything much apart from what has been put in my hand.

My family has been rocked to it's foundation's
and we have clung on hard to each other. 
Our family baby is improving daily and we are hoping for
good news tomorrow when the results of her latest tests come back.
She has astounded all of us and the doctors and nurses
and I truly believe we have been blessed with a miracle.

It was her big sister  Jessica's 10th birthday today, she has not had the birthday she deserves but we will make it up to her as soon as we have Emily back home safe and well. Today was a quick tea party, mummy and daddy came home for a couple of hours while my sister Julia stayed with Emily. But my poor daughter could not relax away from her baby and went back to the hospital straight after the birthday candles were blown out. She tried to explain to Jess, but she is only a little girl and it broke my heart again, seeing her face after they had returned to the hospital.

So you see weight and weighing in are not any where near the top of my agenda at the moment.

Thank you for your kind words, prayers and thoughts, you raise me up more than you will ever know.


266 said...

There is absolutely no reason to concentrate on anything but your Emily. Thinking of you all...

spunkysuzi said...

I'm so happy that Emily is coming along :) Happy 10th birthday to Jessica!! What a lovely young lady.

dawne said...

Don't give a what you're eating, or your weigh in a second thought. It's not like you're out there eating through the UK, you are taking care of your family - NUMBER ONE priority.

Tammy said...

Who can think about a weigh-in at a time like this??? I'm still praying for Emily, and I'm so sorry about Jessica and the bad timing of her birthday. I know how it can make a girl 13th and 16th birthdays were surrounded by family give Jessica an extra tight squeeze from me and let her know that she's not forgotten, and just as important as sweet little Emily. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh.... so sad for Jessica, so happy that Emily is coming round. Jessica will be all smiles when the family can shower her with the attention she deserves. Kids bounce back.

I'll add Jessica to my prayers, tho. Along with an extra word for you. Forget the weight loss--no need to add extra stress!


Buttercup said...

Happy birthday dear Jessica. That is my goddaughter's name, so I am very partial to it. So happy that Emily is doing better and of course will keep her and all of your family in my prayers. Thanks so much for the biscuit offer. They sound yummy and I know that I would like them, but I am intent on 20 by 60 -- 60 is impossible -- so I must decline. But many thanks for your sweet offer. Hugs and good wishes!

F. McButter Pants said...

Your granddaughter is such a beauty. Glad to hear she is improving. Of course you're not worried about weight right now...your head is in the right place, First things first.

Here's to wonderful lab results!