Friday, 19 March 2010

The Last Day of My Fifties....

I have had a great day today, I retired:o)
I had to retire, leave work for a day then for the next
four weeks I will work just sixteen hours a week. Then
I go back part time doing twenty five hours a week.

I am on the eve of being a Senior Citizen, a State Pensioner.
From tomorrow I am entitled to free prescriptions, free bus travel
anywhere in England.  I will also get a winter fuel allowance
in November.

I have been spoilt rotten in work and at my hairdressers.
My hairdresser Sue, bought me a chocolate cupcake, put
a candle in it and got all the girls in the salon to sing
Happy Birthday. She also bought me flowers and a birthday balloon.
I am so touched by this lovely young woman.

In work I received loads more flowers, several bottle bags and
numerous gifts and cards.  Then when I arrived home there was a delivery
of more flowers from my lovely mother in law and sister in law.
Then my darling took me out for tea.

He has warned me that this weekend is going to be busy.
He has things planned but is not telling me anything.
I am a little nervous about it all but also delighted,
I have never had such a fuss made of me and my birthday before.
I am overwhelmed with this show of love, affection and good will.

So I may not get time with my laptop in the next couple of days,
but I will be back for sure on Monday, hopefully with some tales to tell:o)

In the mean time here is the first of some lists I have been compiling:

Sixty Simple Pleasures

The first cup of tea of the day
Ice cold milk poured over corn flakes
Babies feet
Johnson's Baby Powder
Teddy bears
Fresh cotton sheets
Chip Butties
Opening a brand new book
Scented Candles

Vanilla ice cream
The sound of the sea
Cadbury’s Chocolate
Cheese on toast
A walk in the woods
A babies giggles and gurgles
Crisp dry leaves in Autumn
The smell of coffee
Washing drying in the breeze
Sharing a laugh with friends

The beauty in and old persons face
Freshly fallen snow
Cuddles from my grandchildren
Apple pie and custard
Sparkling Clean windows
A roaring fire and candlelight
Silver jewellery
Holding hands with my husband

Listening to music
Baking cakes to give to friends
Looking through old photograph’s
Spending time with my mother in law
The perfume of roses
The Internet
Discovering new places
Tree’s in every season
The smell of leather.

Ginger nut biscuits
Stain glass windows
Walking in the rain
The smell of new mown grass
Notebooks of all shapes and sizes
White china
Cathedrals and country churches
Walking through Liverpool
Reading Blogs

People watching
Sleeping through the night
Family time
A roast dinner
Children’s chatter
Walking Titch (My Dog)
Watching my husband when he is concentrating

Have a Happy Weekend, I have got a funny feeling
I am going to have a Fabulous Weekend.......


Tricia said...

love the list. happy birthday!

F. McButter Pants said...

The list is awesome, as are you! You deserve to have a fuss made over you on your big day.

Lots of love and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Tammy said...

What an excellent list sis!! Wishing you the happiest birthday ever!! Can't wait to hear about your weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday! I hope your weekedn is grand! :D Deb

cmoursler said...

This list almost made me cry.
Life is beautiful, isn't it.
congratulations on such a special day.
I have a feeling that people are as touched by you, as you are by them.

dawne said...

I loved this post Sheilagh! I am so happy for you as you are fussed over and celebrated! You deserve it. I only wish we could join in the celebrations! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

spunkysuzi said...

Happy Birthday, you are going to have a fantastic weekend and i can't wait to hear all about it :)

266 said...

What a great time in your life you are entering and how wonderful that all the people you love want so much to celebrate you! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays, darling Sheilagh!!!

I love your list too, but must ask: what's a chip buttie?