Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Sunday...

Sat here listening to Steve Wright's Sunday Lovesongs on Radio2. Have had a relaxed and happy morning with my darling. We have done some tidying up, throwing out and sorting.  He has gone to the tip with several bags, boxes ect. The bedroom is a little less cluttered, will be a lot less cluttered next week when I send a lot of papercrafting supplies to Rainbows when the new school year starts.

I have printed out a shopping list for meals for a week which will start on Tuesday September1st. I have joined an online diet site.  My BezzyMate, Trish lost one stone with them and I need some structure to my eating.  I have already blogged about fearing the change of season and change of eating habits.  So I am forward planning. This is going to be my safety net for the the next twelve weeks. 

I have chosen to follow the High Fibre route as I know I will be able to have potatoes, pasta and even some bread. The Meal Plan and Shopping List looks pretty good. I also have my F. Plan Diet Books so can use them for inspiration too.

I am so afraid of sliding back as the nights draw in and it gets colder. I can see the weight loss in my face now and I am getting positive comments ffrom all quarters so really don't want to slip back.

Wish Me Luck...


266 said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! I really appreciate all of the positive feedback I have gotten since I started my online journal. Good luck with staying on track with the changing season. I'm not at the point where I'm worried about that myself, but I can see it being a concern in the near future with Christmas fast approaching!

Sean Anderson said...

As the seasons change and you're further down this road, your resolve will strengthen. Don't tell yourself that the changing season has some kind of power over your decisions. Keep making the same wonderful choices regardless of the season. Don't focus on fear, focus on your success and the wonderful things you've been doing to succeed. You're gonna make it my friend. You really are. And I truly believe you're poised to shatter your goal. Shatter it completely.

You're awesome.

My best always