Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Seasons Turning

It is only August 25th isn't it? I am sure it is. So why does it feel Autumnal already?

There is a nip in the air in the morning, and the light is changing gradually.
This evening found me looking for a cardigan to wear as it is so cool around here.

My favourite season is on it's way, I love the September sunlight, the changing colours of the trees. I always have my main holiday in September/October and always go where I know the colours will be spectacular.

This year we will be going to Cornwall for a week, Ralph has never been there so I will enjoy it twice fold. Then up to Scotland to see Ralph's new grandchild who is due October 6th (Our Wedding Anniversary)

I am rather nervous about Autumn and Winter this year. Will I be able to sustain a weight loss?
Food choices will be so different and it worries me. Soups are fine, though I do like bread with my soup. Stews and casseroles are favourites but adapting them to low calorie takes away a lot of the deliciousness.

So I am trying to plan ahead, looking for any hints, tips or ideas.
Recipes for rib sticking food that doesn't stick to the ribs or anywhere else?

So Blogland friends can you inspire me?

Here's hoping...


Fat[free]Me said...

While I love autumn too, I am nervous about coping with less daylight for exercise and also the seasonal depression I get. I am trying to put into place lots of interesting things to keep me interested and active.

As for meals, I think I will be raiding the library for healthy cookbooks for fresh ideas. I suppose meals with lots of steamed veg and a main protein element will be the basis of my diet though. Soups will be great for work lunches or if you have a microwave at work a jacket potato would be nice.

Are you feeling the cold a bit more now you have lost the weight? I am, lol!

Tammy said...

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year...the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, the cool crisp morning and evening air...so refreshing and rejuvenating after a long, hot summer. Can't wait!!

I posted this before, but you may have missed it. My best friend Pam has a food blog called Lobster and Fishsticks where she has taken her favorite full-fat recipes and "healthified" them. I have made several of them and never been disappointed. You can find the blog listed on my blogroll...just click and do a search in her search box on the top right corner of her page. You can look for soups, stews, casseroles, crock pot and slow cooker recipes to get you through the winter. :)

anne h said...

I love autumn. I ditched the bread, kept the soup and just today got out the crock pot. Wishful thinking for Texas!