Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Two Little Gems

I had guests for tea this evening, my youngest daughter Helen and her two daughters Jessica and Emily. It was a delight as they danced around to one of my cd's. Fortunately they like some of my music but would like me to have some Hannah Montana or High School Musical stuff, but I have resisted so far. In these photo's the were having a great time singing and dancing along with Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".
They take great pleasure in wearing Grandma's shoes and dancing about in them.
The shoes in the photos are just a couple from several pairs strutting about in this evenng.
These Little Girls Bring Such Joy into My Life

My 1500 calories took a bit of a knock though, but I can balance the books by Saturday hopefully. We had chicken and chips and beans courtesy of ASDA.
I can't say I really enjoyed it, apart from the chips that is.
I miss them when I am being good.


Patty said...

Oh my, I have a picture of me and my best friend when we were in the 1st grade (44 years ago) that is so similar to this one...skinny little legs and high heel shoes! I bet they do bring such joy...look at them! Thanks for stopping by. Love you list of sixty by sixty...guess I can start on my list now too! :-)

Tammy said...

What darling grandchildren...I know you just love them to pieces. Don't fret over a few extra calories....it looks like you had a lovely evening with family. I'm so glad. :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Aren't they adorable?

Bet you have High School and Hannah music already, you are just trying to sound all grown up, lol!

I used to love doing the high heels and dancing thing, must try it again sometime.