Friday, 28 August 2009

Sad Day Today

My baby daughter sent me a text this morning telling my that Ella her collie dog was poorly and that her husband was taking her to the vet at 10:30.  I quickly got dressed and drove over. 
As I walked in Ella tried to come to me but was staggering all over the place. 
We knew her time had come.

This beautiful fifteen year old dog has give this family so much love and joy over the years. 
Two little girls have grown up with a playmate that let them do anything the wanted with her.
She gave so much but asked so little.

My daughter and son in law took her together, he was trying so hard to be strong saying he would be ok on his own. But my daughter went with him and I stayed with my two lovely girls, The two I blogged about a week or so ago.  The three of us sat on the sofa cuddled up talking about Ella and the fun they had with her.
The nine year old knew Ella wasn't coming back, but the five year old didn't grasp how bad thing were.

When their parents came back without Ella the floodgates opened, five of us heartbroken.
This little family mourning the loss of a wonderful companion and playmate.
I was hurting so much for them and there was nothing I could do but hold them while they sobbed.

The heartache we feel when we lose a dearly loved pet should not be dismissed because it its "just an animal". We should be allowed to mourn without embarrassment and with consideration.

My son in law had to go to work lest that an hour after watching Ella take her final breath.
I took a half day holiday to be with them this morning and I am glad to have done so.
I left my daughter and her girls deciding wether to have a sofa day, or carry on with the plans they had.
Which were to go school uniform shopping.

As he left the house my son in law choked back the tears, Ella was not at the door to say goodbye as was her usual thing, it was a very emotional moment.  As I left it was very sad, usually Ella jostles with the kids on the top step to be there to wave you off.  Today there was no jostling, no competition to see who could wave the hardest, shout bye the loudest. Just three very sad little girls, my little girl and her little girls. I was blinded by tears as I drove down the road.

Hopefully Ella is bounding round heaven with Henry and Cally now...there will be much fun up there...


VRaz60 said...

A sad day, indeed. Our "grandpuppy" Max, is growing older as well. He is showing signs of his age, and I know when the time comes, our grandchildren, son and d.i.l. will be very, very sad. I'll try to get over to be with them as you were able to do. What a wonderful thing to be able to help and share time with loved ones.

Tina xx said...

(((hugs))) to all of you. I'm filled up with tears myself just reading it. I'm so sorry about Ella.
I too have a wonderful little dog Truffles who is my shadow. She is getting on a bit herself and I dread the day that she will go. She is a constant companion, who like you say, asks for very little apart from the odd cuddle and visit to the trees.
I really do sympathise with you. I hope in time your pain will heal, and you and your family find happiness looking through old photos of Ella and remembering all the good times . Thinking of you all xx

Accidental carer said...

You know that I know exactly what this feels like. Flossy was the last love of my life who left me- she died whilst Phil was fighting to live so I feel very much that I shortchanged her at the time as far as being able to mourn her but now she is in so many conversations and although we do have Missy there will never be anyone like my crazy Flossy- she was mine and we both knew it...........

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this for you and your family. I still remember when we had to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

Hugs to you and your family.

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

Thank you for the lovely comments, you are all so kind.


Sean Anderson said...

My sincerist condollences. When a pet becomes part of the family, losing them can be just as hard as losing a human loved one. What a wonderful dog.
My best always

Lori said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Pets are such wonderful additions to our lives and give us so much joy.

She was just as lucky to have your family in her life as you were to have her.