Thursday, 13 August 2009

Taking the High Road

Well my beloved and I are off to Bonnie Scotland in the morning, leaving here at 5am.
We should arrive at my lovely mother-in law's at 9am and she will have the bacon rolls ready for her lovely son. She is a wonderful lady and looks after us very well when we visit.
Last time we were up there I lost three pounds so I am hoping for a repeat.

We are also going to see my step daughter, I haven't seen her in two years.
Last time I saw her she was not my step daughter...
There was a falling out (long story) but now she is pregnant
with Ralph's first grandchild and she is wanting to build bridges.

I am quite nervous about seeing her as there is a lot I want to say and it is not good. So I guess I should just let it go. I really do not like the way she has treated my dear sweet husband, but he has turned the other cheek so I am trying to follow in his footsteps.

I will also be seeing my FABULOUS shrinking friend from Fat[free]Me. I am hoping she will let me try her lovely Petunia;) I am looking to buy a bike and she is coming with me to have a look at some on Monday.

I really cannot believe the things I have started to do this year:

Losing Weight and enjoying it (Well most of the time)
Walking to get healthy and for walking for pleasure..Unbelievable.
Contemplating buying a bicycle.. yes me, myself, I am considering two wheels.
Joining the Gym.. Yes Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye.....Sheilagh has joined the Gym!!
My induction is 6pm Tuesday WhooHoo...

Is this really me?
Or have Aliens taken over?

I am seven months and six days from my Sixtieth Birthday and suddenly I want to get fit?
Why did I leave it so long?

I'll tell you why.

I never loved myself before, I always lived my life for others, directed by others.
Then I had an Epiphany, it was a good while ago, in fact it was in 2000.

My fiftieth year on this planet, things started happening and I started questioning.
It has been a slow process, but then again I have always been a slow burner, but what out when I blow.

So here I am 2009 and a very different woman from the 2000 model.
Working on the 2010 model.

Watch This Space.


Sean Anderson said...

You've made tremendous strides, big time changes---you're a different person. What a role model you are...Always an inspiration.
I so badly want a bike too! I think it's so cool that you and Fat(free)Me get to hang out. Very nice.

My best always

Fat[free]Me said...

I know - walking for pleasure - who'd have thunk it? I amaze myself with that one too!

The whole step-relationship is a difficult one, but if anyone can succeed at making a go of it, it will be you, with your big, wonderful heart.

See you soon (yippee)!

F. McButter Pants said...

Big Changes....and more to come for sure!

Have a great time. Don't let the step daughter get to you. Probably best to follow hubs lead.

Here's to another 3 lbs gone type vacation!

VRaz60 said...

What wonderful changes you've made. I've rather wandered over here from Far [free] Me blog page. I've seen your name on other blogs from time to time, I thought it about time for me to pay a visit. I'm so glad I did. I enjoyed reading your posts. Have a wonderful visit with the family, and I do so hope all goes well for everyone. I'll be popping back again soon.

Amy said...

I think that is way cool that you and Fat(free)Me are going to get to hang out. I just commented on her blog as well. I wish you both the best of weekends! Have fun!
And good luck with the step-daughter. Step-relationships can be tricky. I've been mired in one since I was 5. It is very hard to bite ones tongue and turn the other cheek when someone you love is getting hurt in the process. So again, best of luck with it.
And most importantly have all the fun you can this weekend!!

Tammy said...

You inspire me. You really do. :) I hope I'm as cool as you are when I'm nearly 60. I am soooo looking forward to the day when I'm walking for pleasure. Right now, I'm cussing every step. :)

Never resist a chance to build bridges. Healing and mending previous bad situations is something to viewed positively. Never be a door mat, but if she's serious, give her a chance.

Totally jealous over your visit with K on Monday...but so, so excited that you two girls get to go out bike shopping...what great fun! Enjoy your lovely weekend. :)