Friday, 21 August 2009

Pictures From Last Weekend

Some photo's of Dollar, Ralph's home town.
The burn (stream) runs through the middle of the main street and is wonderful. My photos don't do it justice. Dollar Museum is a lovely place and they have some really great themes and displays. They have a kitchen from the fifties and it is so like my granny's.

Here are the photos of the Fabulous K and me. This is one wonderful girl. I don't wish to embarrass her singing her praises cos she doesn't believe how wonderful she is.
I have known her about six years, we met online through an interest in Altered Art. We clicked and have been good friends ever since. She has been very supportive and understanding throughout our friendship and I just love her.

This is the lovely Petunia and I really loved having a short ride on her.I have to admit forgetting how to ride a bike (must be my age). Couldn't get my left foot on the pedal for a while. So glad there were no camera's about when I was trying to ride..
I am really keen to get my bike now, may go looking again tomorrow:)
I have just realised I have to pass on my Lovely Blog award. I will do that tomorrow on what will be my 100th post. That's something else I can't believe, things have really changed for me due to this blog.
I will write about that tomorrow also.


Fat[free]Me said...

Great photos (mostly, LOL!) - I can't believe you have done 100 posts already - you are a chatterbox, hee-hee! It was great to see you last week, can hardly wait til I come and visit!

Mwah x

carla said...

its amazing to me sometimes how FAST BLOGGING GOES (congrats on hitting 100!) and how amazingly life altering it all is as well.


Amy said...

Love the photos, you both look great. And who could resist smiles like those? Congrats on the 100th post, can't wait to read it!

Tammy said...

Great friends are to be cherished. You two are such cute little girlies in the pics...glad you had an awesome time! :)