Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday Fun

It is 4pm Saturday afternoon and my gorgeous eight year old grandson is visiting.
He lives in Hampshire so we don't get to see him often, maybe four times a year if we are lucky.
Anyway he is staying with his paternal grandma at the moment and we got to borrow him for the day.
If we had a bigger place he would be staying here, but the shoebox is too small at the moment....
We picked him up this morning armed with a list of things/places to do. He didn't want any of them, he wanted to come here to play with Ralph. Now he hasn't known Ralph a long time but since they first met a couple of years ago, they have gotten along really well. I don't get a look-in and I'm the grandma!!
We went to MacDonalds for lunch, his choice, I had a chill chicken baguette, scrummy it was but did without my beloved banana milkshake. so 429 calories spent instead of 1429, so I am feeling pleased with me.
We had to go to my favourite craft shop to pay the balance for the craft retreat in November, grandson was not happy. If had been granddaughters I could have still been there, but no, grandson means quick whizz round but save money, so not all bad.
We are now at home, I am on pc while the boys play on the XBox, it is not peaceful, but it is fun, he is a joy to have around. But he is definately a man's boy.
A much happier day today.


Accidental carer said...

Glad you had a special day with Harry or watching Harry with Ralph- who could fail to love the man and children are brilliant judges of character anyway so what can I say. Am sure you don't mind looking on and seeing the fun they are having. Don't forget -with kids it is all about memories - love you xxxx

Sean Anderson said...

Great day! Chill Chicken Baguette? We don't have that item on the USA menu...It sounds interesting! And banana shakes?? We don't get that either! (Good for you for resisting that) I wonder, do they have the scrumptious little soft serve vanilla ice cream cones for 150 calories? I can't count how many of those I've enjoyed in the last 349 days!!
I enjoy your journey---Thank you for sharing!
My best always