Monday, 31 August 2009

Six Months Gone! Six Months to Go....

Tomorrow is September 1st, that means I have come to the middle of my quest to lose sixty pounds by my sixieth birthday. I have only lost 20.5 pounds so I have got my work cut out over the next six months.
I want to be at my target weight on March 1st not going down to the wire on March 20th.

Twenty six weeks @ two pound a week = fifty two pounds
Twenty six weeks @ one and half pounds a week =thirty six pounds

So I need to average at around one and three quarter pounds a week steadily if I am to achieve my goal.


Season changes, habit changes.
A week in beautiful Cornwall..Delicious Food.
Forest Hill Retreat in November...Delicious Food and Fab Company.
Christmas and New Year..... Food Food and Food.


I REALLY want it.
My motivation is high.
My health is improving.
I am walking more.
I have joined the Gym.

I have to admit my food choices this weekend have not been so good, I have not been to the gym as my left knee was quite painful and we decided it would be best to rest it for a couple of days.  We have done some walking but nothing that would burn up any calories. I would not be surprised at a weight gain on Wednesday.

Tomorrow starts my favourite time of the year and I will be in my element walking for the next two maybe three months as the colours change on the trees. I am feeling pretty good about the next few weeks....


Fat[free]Me said...

Wow, I have a busy weekend and look at all the changes around here! Your blog looks beautiful and I love the new pictures of you! The difference is really showing now - you look fantastic!

I share your worries about the change in seasons, but likewise, I am still motivated. Now you are out and about more, I am sure you will have some weeks where you lose more than one and three quarters!

keep up the brilliant work!

Accidental carer said...

Beautiful lady-that colour really does suit you everyone commented at the wylfa crop too- I will look after you at the crop- we will encourage each other to eat the "good stuff". You will achieve your aims- the time is right- the reasons are right and the support is there all around you- look good feel good- feel good look good-you will have the wow factor for your 60th!!! love you loads xxx